07 September 2008

Sundays......Day of Rest

So Hanna came and went without too much damage. She did,however, put a damper on my weekend plans. Yea, I could've still gone out, but the sitting and waiting to see exactly how long she'd be around or what damage would be done just totally killed all motivation that I even had to go out. Two weekends pretty much gone down the drain. Well partially. My Labor Day weekend wasn't a total bust. Just the 1st half. I did enjoy the last 2 days...okay well maybe 1 of the 2...because Labor Day was....an experience to say the least.

I swear some people are just not what you think they are when you really spend time with them sometimes. You can form a perception of people from texting, chatting, talking on the phone, seeing them briefly, but to be one on one with them can sometimes give you a wholeeeeeeee new picture. You see things more clearly. It's amazes sometimes how wrong you can be.

And why are young people so 'old' now a days?? I don't mean little kids being grown. I mean young adults and twenty somethings acting like their 50 years old?!?!?! It amazes me how many people YOUNGER than I am, just stay cooped up in the house and never go anywhere. I mean, yea I know everyone doesn't go to clubs. I get that and I totally understand, but there are some people that I know that you just can't simply get them out of the house period. A nite out for drinks or dinner and a movie...nothing. Excuse after excuse of why they can't or couldn't. I just never got that and probably never will. Yes, some are "on lock" and others just are boring people I suppose. I guess I will never understand because I plan to not be in either of the 2 categories. "On lock" meaning having a significant other who has a problem with their guy/girl hanging out and thus doesn't "allow" them to. That just blows me. Now is the time to live your life. People are dying left and right and younger and younger. I want to have all the fun I can now while I am able to. I don't want to grow old and look back at my life and all I have to talk about is what I could've or should've done. The time is NOW!! Time to live and let live. People are always trying to hold other people back from things...and why??

Kind of went off on a tangent, but it's all good. Sunday's bring out all kinds of thoughts in my head. Sunday is usually my day that I finally get rest. I don't sleep much at all, and Sunday I try to catch up on the lost hours from the previous week. But Sunday night....INSOMNIA sets in. Maybe it's because I know my dreaded work week starts again the next day and reality sets in that my weekend is TRULY over?!?! Maybe. I don't know. I just know it's my day to think of all kinds of deep and crazy stuff. :-)

Time to get something to snack on and prepare for these lame azz VMA's on MTV.

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