26 April 2008

Damn I hate it when she does that................

I got so much on my mind right now. So it'll be one of those super vague ass posts. Yea...I'm even cursing here and there. But it is what it is. See it's like this. I haven't made a post in awhile. Mainly because it hasn't been too much going on in my life that's different. Same ol same ol...and no need in wasting my time typing that up. With that being said...where do I start on this one. Well...typical Toya story...but I have reunited with yet another of my friends from the past. This one way different from the other. See I am sooooooooooo glad he found me and sooooooooo glad he didn't lose hope in trying to link back up with me. Why!?!? Because, we go wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back. And unlike the other situation....it's not a bunch of bullshit and drama involved. Yea, alot has changed in both our lives....but that's my boo right there....aka "my baby daddy". So just in case you reading this.....I am truly grateful to have you back around and this time....no losing touch. I don't care if you gotta send smoke signals. :-)

On to the other situation......HA! What a joke! He still thinks I'm slow and naive and don't know what's really good over there. KNEE GROW please. You messing with the wrong one. I know the REAL DEAL...and I'ma keep letting you think you stringing me along. NO doubt...you have been one of my best friends and you have helped me out of alot of tough times..but you are also one of the worst 'moments' in my life. No doubt..our situation has been like a drug habit. I keep going back and every time the bullshit and side effects are worse. But I think I've grown in the past year and I now know how unhealthy you are for me. So we'll still have our minimal conversation....but that Pickett Fence, a dog, 2.5 kids shit went out the door the day my Spy Kit (LOL) turned up the evidence.

What else....well I been enjoying life for the most part. I had a very down moment last week. I think it was due to the crappy weather. Clouds and rain. Made me think way into things that I generally don't dwell on or think about. It's crazy. I'm alot better now...thanks to a couple of friends that I can truly open up to...and even if I don't go way into the story....they know how to bring my head back above water. I appreciate you guys more than my non-emotional ass will ever show.

I will say this though...I'm tired of people being inconsiderate of my efforts, time, and sacrifice. SERIOUSLY...this is becoming a problem. Now I will let things slide a couple of times....cuz yea...things happen and *ish* comes up. But what you will not do is constantly take advantage of me. I'm a good person to have on your side and on your team........so when I'm done....I'm REALLY done.....and ain't shit I can do or will do for you once you have gone over the line. Yea I can be harsh...cuz I like things to be timely and by the book....but showing come consideration is SOOOOOOOOOO easy these days....text message, call, email something. I don't know about the next man...but I don't have time to be wasting. Weekends are MY time...don't waste MY time. If you say you gonna do something..then damn DO IT!! If you can't or won't...then let somebody know. DAMN THAT SHIT PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!!!!

And on that note...im mad. .....and I'm out!!!!