26 January 2012

Boyz II Men/ Girlz II Women

It's a shame how childish people act at their ages. There are times to "play" and there are times to be serious. There also comes a time that you put the games away. Ladies: the jealousy, the side chick mentality, the backstabbing, the hoe like behavior.....none of that is EVER really age appropriate...but seriously, when you've gotten to the age of working and paying bills and doing what ADULTS do....the elementary school and high school tactics and activities need to be thrown out of the door. Why are you fighting and beefing over HIM...who has lied to HER about YOU and your position? Check him!!! When it's all said and done....you fight to win a loser!?!? Really though. Why are you playing head games with guys to get material things? For real though, why are you only going after guys who have material things? Yea, he has the hottest whip, he's iced up, all the latest Jordans....but he can barely count to 10. You can't take him to the company functions because he doesn't even own a suit...oh wait...yes he does...the one for court. Stop being so petty and stop chasing what glitters (or so you think)...there's far more to life and a MAN than what material things and monetary things he can provide. GUYS: Why are you at 35+ still trying to play the field?? It's time to retire from the game. You are no longer qualified to be a player. It's not cute. You jumping from this one to that one...refusing to commit...refusing to settle...so scared that you are going to miss the next jumpoff that comes your way. Reality check: it's going to be a lonely miserable life later on when the jumpoffs have GROWN up and wised up. When you are old and by your lonesome with nobody genuinely there to care and love you. Nope...keep the jumpoffs...they love spending social security checks. Growing up doesn't mean the fun has to stop....it means the fun has to change! You can't keep doing all of the things you USED to do. There's an age limit. It's time to it go.

17 January 2012

You Can Lead A Horse To Water....

....but you damn sure can't make him drink. People are stubborn. They will do what they want despite warnings, past experiences, others accounts, etc. I've learned to stop even trying with some people. Just do you....but please don't come back to me with the why you let me do this or say that. I TRIED TO TOLD YOU!!! *in my David Banner voice* Some people are their own hurdles. You put yourself in the front of your own happiness by doing simple things. If you have to say "I know this is wrong", "This isn't like me", "This goes against what I've always said/done/know"...then you are already setting yourself up for failure. I'm not saying don't go out on a limb....I'm saying when you KNOW better and apparently you do....you DO better!

It also bothers me that people don't learn from their past mistakes or others. You say you want this or that....and then you run right back to the "light".....the headlights of a train about to cause a wreck in what is your life. What looks good to you isn't always good for you! You have to look at the bigger picture. What exactly is being contributed to you and your life? Anything worthwhile? Anything with longevity? If it's just temporary thrills and chills.....let it go. Real talk....you will miss out on the BEST trying to fool with what you think is BETTER than GOOD!