29 September 2008

Pet Peeves

So I'm driving the other day and I realize how so many things just irritate me severely. I wish I had a piece of paper or a recorder when the thoughts were pouring in because I had so many things that I could list. I guess this will have to be one of those posts that I can just keep coming back and adding to it when things pop up in my head. Feel free to comment on my list and/or add your own. Always interesting to see what sets other people off.

Let's see:

1) I hate when people lie for NO reason at all. It's different when you are trying to protect someone or it's a joke or to not hurt someone's feelings (I guess...I mean I'ma keep it real kinda girl). I mean straight up lying when you neither gain or lose because of the truth. I'm noticing an increase in people doing this. Not just to me but in my travels with other people.

2) People being late. Or having to be late. I am almost always on time....being on time is late for me. I hate waiting on other people, especially those who know how I am about being ON time and they just continue to always be late. Lie and tell them they need to be somewhere an hour early to get them there on time..and they are STILL LATE. WOW!

3) Why are people so inconsiderate!?!? Again....time comes to mind. Like don't tell me you are gonna stop by or you are gonna call or you want to do something. Expect me to wait around for you, meanwhile canceling other plans and possible activities that come along. If you aren't going to do what you say you are going to do, then let somebody know. Give EARLY notice. If you don't intend on doing it....then don't say you will in the first place just because it sounds good.

4) Crazy people online...okay, you start a conversation with some off the wall sexual topics and act like somebody is supposed to meet you and/or call you after Hi, How are you? then as soon as you get the SHUT DOWN.....the person on the other end is a Bitch!! WOW really!?!?!

5) People who constantly ask you questions about things that they know you are knowledgeable about and/or that you do but no matter what, will always go and ask someone else right after. Okay, why did you ask me? Just to see what I was going to say? Then for the other person to just tell you the same thing I said??!?! Yea, okay...next time, just go ask him/her.

6) Persistent guys in the club.... yea, if I shut u down on the dance offer like 5 mins ago...guessss whattt?!?!? It ain't happening now either.

7) Copycats or people who always want to jump on the bandwagon. What happened to being original!?!? I pride myself on being unique or not average and I love being my own (wo)man! Hell with being like everybody else or living my life the way people THINK I should or having what everybody else does.

Okay..that's a start...I'll holla back when the rest come back to mind. :-)

25 September 2008

Don't get me wrong...I'm grateful....BUT

So I win this from an online contest through the radio station ...and ummm I'm supposed to get it within 2 or 3 weeks. Yea so that was 2.5 months ago. HA! The marketing agency that set up this promotion is apparently on something. In being in contact with a few other winners from throughout the country, I realize they have been given the same crazy run around that I have. I am ever so grateful to have won this laptop...(as if I need another of computer in my house...hmm 2 desktops running...a laptop and one other in the closet not in use). Anywho...first the chick who contacts me no longer works there...so I have a new contact person there. THEN this new lady either never returns messages or is as clueless as they come. First story I get is that it would go out in the next week. This was after say the first 3 weeks had passed. Then the story is the computers were on backorder from Dell (ummm wow..they make computers every day for customers...hmm). Story was that they would be mailed on Aug 19th at the latest and mailed DHL and tracking #s would be provided. Sept 3rd, I email the contact and guess what...she NO LONGER WORKS THERE...so here we go again with another person to communicate through. She's nicer at least, so now the story is they would be mailed out in a few days that certain colors were on backorder (apparently just the pink ones because others had received their computers already). Sooooo earlier this week, one of the other winners (she's from NC) emailed me saying that last week she spoke to the chick and she told her that Dell had cancelled the orders not yet fulfilled and that they were now going to order the same computers through Best Buy and have them shipped out. Sooo last Friday the new chick had emailed the other winner the order # from Best Buy for her computer (didn't do any good because without other information they wouldn't tell her anything). HA!! She also got an official tracking # on Friday. I hadn't heard a thing, so I email the contact and just hinted at not knowing ANYTHING at this point and she told me about the whole Best Buy ordering and that she would send my tracking # when she had it. Oddly enough, UPS called my cell phone (weird!?!?) on yesterday and just started spewing off information and a tracking # and I run frantically to get a pen and some paper. Needless to say, I wrote the # ALLLLLL WRONG. So I can't even being to track the package. Once again I have to contact this chick and ask for some more details.

NOWWWWWWWWWWWW the laptop is in route to my house. Must be signed for! Any other time UPS comes at times when someone is at my house. Not today!! So I am hoping that they don't come before 5pm when I get home. I hate having to hunt my packages down and/or going to pick them up FROM UPS.

My fingers are crossed that I get there before they do.

So yea, I am grateful and happy I won something nice...but wow...all this run around and different stories is insane. It's all good....time to see what else I can win! BWAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh).

In other news, I think some changes (for the better) are about to take place in my life. Good things come to those who wait!! Stay tuned.......

UPDATE: Yes the laptop delivery was missed by 40 mins. I was tracking it all day so I saw as soon as this "EXCEPTION" took place. Called and told them let me come pick it up at Will Call once it was back @ the home front. LOL. The guy called back and told me to come between 8 and 830. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! It's all good. I did just that. And yes.....change is on the horizon. YES SIRRRRR!!! ;-)

22 September 2008

Life is what you make it......or is it??

I swear my brain must be swollen right now. So many thoughts running through it right now. It's like life has been dealing me a helluva hand for quite some time. Just when I thought I was headed toward more happy, blissful times...something serious and negative comes along. It's sad when you been through so much, that you look for something bad to happen when you're experiencing so much good. Yea, guess that just means I'm pessimistic. Wonder why!?!? Those close to me know alot of the more serious things I've gone through....my drama began around 1995..and slowly got worse and worse. 1997 was supposed to be MY year....Senior Prom, graduating high school, getting accepted into college, moving away to college, and starting my next phase of schooling....yea all of that happened...but so did the worse thing that has happened to me. It seems from that point on, I've just been through one thing after another. It's like bad luck is my FIRST NAME..forget middle name. It's crazy and I try not to dwell on it, but sometimes I think maybe I was a child abuser or something in a past life and I'm paying for it now or maybe a serial killer. The ultimate sinner...had to have been. I know that God only gives you as much as you can handle, and I have to admit that I am quite a strong person....but sometimes I am just like I don't know how much more I can stand. I have had a few very good spells since 1997...and a FEW is about all I can say.

Bring things up to 2006..9 years later and I feel as if things are turning around. I was at a high point. Enjoying life, family, friends, etc. And slowly as the year progressed....the "good life" began to fade. 2007...10 years curse apparently because this was a very hell filled year. Started out horrible...but my mood was brought up with the help of my family and friends because of my great bday outting. I will NEVER forget that bday. Limo, Pearl Lounge, VIP, broken chair, etc. But I also know that weeks before I was probably lower than I've ever been.

So I am leaving out specifics and details.....well that's how I get down. Yea this is a blog and yea I post my THOUGHTS but some things are better left unknown and unsaid. Those who need to know or needed to know...know what I'm talking about....and those who don't...sorry that you are clueless, but you will alright. :-) I've learned to go with the flow. I know people say alot of things that they don't really mean...like their standards aren't high or they are open minded and are some of the most closed minded people I know. I've changed my perspective on alot of things because I realized that I wasn't as open to new things as I would say that I was. Things that I said I would never deal with or associate myself with, I've tried to not be so 'petty' about.

I've just come to realize...you can't respect the good without going through the bad. I just wonder when the good will stick around for a fairly good time.

(I just realized this post was totally not where I was trying to go....but it'll do for now!!!) *sigh*

17 September 2008

The dead have arisen

It's funny how things in life work out....like when you are unemployed and you can't seem to find a job but when you finally get that call and you accept the job....you get all kinds of other job offers!?!? Like when you are single and everything is everything but the minute you decide to settle, everybody wants to confess their love for you. sad smileys It's wild, but it be like that sometimes. Like currently, I'm in the process of eliminating "dead weight"...people who are serving no real purpose in my life and are probably holding me back from happiness. So I've pulled back and not really reached out to certain individuals in a minute...and BAMMMMMMM....someone from my past resurfaced yesterday. He could fall into the dead weight category for real for real....but I NEVER let him truly fall into that place. WHY!?!?! I truly have no damn idea. I think he is my one true weakness. I can't seem to just take him completely out of my life no matter what. sick smileys I truly believe he will always be in MY loop...always be my friend....always be someone I am there for when I can be..and does he deserve it? Does he deserve to have me care this much?? To stand by and deal with the b.s. that I have had to endure these past few years? NO!!! I know this....denial is not even in this situation....because I KNOW for a fact that he is bad for me and bad for my life....but like a fiend to the crack pipe...I always go back..with open damn arms and I'm here. Don't get it twisted though...it is purely friendship and has been for quite some time. I'm not gonna front though, it's all love. Can't be no other explanation. winking smileys

14 September 2008

People never cease to amaze me!!

I had a great day/night, yet I am feeling quite uneasy, why....because people do some crazy, inconsiderate, and downright selfish shit!!! I don't care to elaborate....but the bullshit is getting old!!

08 September 2008

D**n I love this man....

There's no doubt in my mind that it's love.....okay....maybe just an obsession. LOLLLLL!!!!

07 September 2008

Sundays......Day of Rest

So Hanna came and went without too much damage. She did,however, put a damper on my weekend plans. Yea, I could've still gone out, but the sitting and waiting to see exactly how long she'd be around or what damage would be done just totally killed all motivation that I even had to go out. Two weekends pretty much gone down the drain. Well partially. My Labor Day weekend wasn't a total bust. Just the 1st half. I did enjoy the last 2 days...okay well maybe 1 of the 2...because Labor Day was....an experience to say the least.

I swear some people are just not what you think they are when you really spend time with them sometimes. You can form a perception of people from texting, chatting, talking on the phone, seeing them briefly, but to be one on one with them can sometimes give you a wholeeeeeeee new picture. You see things more clearly. It's amazes sometimes how wrong you can be.

And why are young people so 'old' now a days?? I don't mean little kids being grown. I mean young adults and twenty somethings acting like their 50 years old?!?!?! It amazes me how many people YOUNGER than I am, just stay cooped up in the house and never go anywhere. I mean, yea I know everyone doesn't go to clubs. I get that and I totally understand, but there are some people that I know that you just can't simply get them out of the house period. A nite out for drinks or dinner and a movie...nothing. Excuse after excuse of why they can't or couldn't. I just never got that and probably never will. Yes, some are "on lock" and others just are boring people I suppose. I guess I will never understand because I plan to not be in either of the 2 categories. "On lock" meaning having a significant other who has a problem with their guy/girl hanging out and thus doesn't "allow" them to. That just blows me. Now is the time to live your life. People are dying left and right and younger and younger. I want to have all the fun I can now while I am able to. I don't want to grow old and look back at my life and all I have to talk about is what I could've or should've done. The time is NOW!! Time to live and let live. People are always trying to hold other people back from things...and why??

Kind of went off on a tangent, but it's all good. Sunday's bring out all kinds of thoughts in my head. Sunday is usually my day that I finally get rest. I don't sleep much at all, and Sunday I try to catch up on the lost hours from the previous week. But Sunday night....INSOMNIA sets in. Maybe it's because I know my dreaded work week starts again the next day and reality sets in that my weekend is TRULY over?!?! Maybe. I don't know. I just know it's my day to think of all kinds of deep and crazy stuff. :-)

Time to get something to snack on and prepare for these lame azz VMA's on MTV.

06 September 2008

Why Should You Choose Me???

Why Should You Choose Me

Why should you choose me
When so many others out there
Show everything they have to the world
So fast and freely without care

Why should you choose me
Knowing that I hold it all in
That I've dealt with so much loss
And have so much pain deep within

Why should you choose me
The girl who'd rather be outside playing ball
Than walking around with a Louie Bag
Or going shopping at the mall

Why should you choose me
Miss Independent -- who doesn't need YOU
Who holds is down working like a slave
Keeping three jobs, or at least two

Why should you choose me
To be your ride or die
That holds you down when no one else will
And probably wouldn't even try

Why should you choose me
To be right there by your side
Through thick and thin, no matter what
A love so great..you can not hide

Why should you choose me
The one with all the hidden flaws
That follows most of the rules
And abides by her own set of laws

Why should you choose me
And give up all the others in your stable
Am I worth beginning a new chapter?
Do you know what I bring to the table?

Why should you choose me
The one who prefers sneakers to heels
The one that has more guy friends than girls
That doesn't always tell you how she feels

Why should you choose me
You wouldn't understand it if I tried
To tell you in my own words...
So I'm leaving it up to you to decide!

© 2008 LaToya Jones. You steal, you pay! Believe that!