31 January 2008

Join This! Join That!

Okay, time to finally start writing about SOMETHING. I decided today to discuss the 1000 things I have been hoodwinked into joining and/or signing up for in the last month or so. I rejoined Crush Spot. Its aight. A bit childish I must say, but hey..whatever. I checked back on my Xanga. Nothing happening over there. Everybody is on their blogspot tip these days. I'm diggin' it. I joined WAYN...that has to be the dumbest site ever. Fubar...it is okay, but its full of ugly old men who are perverted and have no kinda respect. I check it every now again. They have some neat, creative perks, but its alot of crazies on there. LOL. Hoverspot is pretty cool. I can tell it hasn't been around long because it doesn't seem to have TOO many people on there. The good think about it is that you earn points for getting people to join and other things you do on the site, these points in turn earn you the change to win prizes like IPODS. Yuwie is a networking site in which you earn MONEY for posting blogs, sending emails, updating your layout, leaving comments, rating others pages, etc. It's okay. You just have to get used to it.

The coolest and freshest I joined was That's Hip Hop. This site is really new. It gives Hip Hop/music news, info, rumors, etc. But it's also a networking site. If you join, use referral code 5666. :-)

Anywayz...I also signed up for a bunch of research panels and survey sites that pay you cash and prizes. Once I get the pay off, I'll holla back on if its worth joining those or not. :-) 

27 January 2008

Might as well use it

So I created this blog(spot) like ages ago, back when I was sick of Xanga and the drama over there. I never used it though. Figured I'd start now. Might as well right!!?!? It's free. It's an outlet. Right now, it's also kinda HOT on the streets. LOL So here I am. I'll find something to report on and hit this up later. :-)

Come holla! biggrin

NOTE: All posts prior to this one were made on my Xanga. They have been moved to have them all here in one location!

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