30 October 2008

Courtesy of The Urban Daily

Since everyone can't seem to access the blog I mentioned previously..here it is in it's entirety. [The link is below in the previous post.] There are a few links to other sources, pics, articles within the blog entry.

Oh yea....and METHOD MAN IS NOT GAY!!!!! Not tryna hear it! LOL Okay go on and read it.... :-)

Top 10 (Allegedly) Gay Male Celebs
By The Urban Daily October 24, 2008 6:16 pm

According to a friend of mine, “You’re not a real celebrity until the gay rumors start.” And, as ridiculous as that sounds, it’s actually true. Any small-time wannabe can have a sex tape — cause like, how hard is it to bone on camera and act surprised when it “leaks”? — but for the mass media to really be concerned about your sexuality, you’ve got to be pretty popular.

One could argue that Will Smith is a pretty big celebrity. He’s also been rumored to be a pretty big homosexual. Previous claims notwithstanding, he’s most recently accused of having an affinity for picking up male hookers, an act that transcends your general, passive gay rumor, and plunges right into damn-this-shit-might-actually-be-true status. So, in honor of Mr. Smith’s big step up in stardom, here are ten other male celebrities that may or may not have a little pink in their blue… if you believe everything you hear.

In no particular order…


Before he was Trading Places with Dan Aykroyd, Murphy may or may not have been trading places in the bedroom… with dudes. Amid already-circulating rumors that he’s playing for the other team, in 1997 Murphy was pulled over by the cops with tranny hooker, Atisone Seiuli, chilling out in the front seat. Murphy claimed he was “being a Good Samaritan” by simply giving Seiuli a ride. Though I’m not Eddie’s publicist, I’m going to take a stab at the situation and say it probably isn’t the best idea to ride around with a transsexual hooker when you’re a high-profile celebrity with rumors that you’re in a secret relationship with R&B singer Johnny Gill. My, my, my.


Man, Diddy can’t stop won’t stop living without a gay rumor following close behind. It’s an old tale, but things really started to blow up when loved/hated former Hot 97 gossip girl Wendy Williams claimed the rapper/producer was gay, then later claimed that she had a tape of Puff and rapper Loon bangin’ out. There’s also a website called IndieSent Exposure that has alleged pictures of Diddy doing some pretty gay stuff at some bathing suit party, and though the pictures are crazy blurry, it totally looks like him. So, if it’s true Puff, take that take that take that!


No. This has nothing to do with Russell’s lisp. Or his yoga. These rumors aren’t based on such thin evidence. It’s a long-standing rumor that Mr. Phat Farm is gay and that he and Kimora were really serving as each other’s beards. Rumors like that are usually a load of bullshit. However, in 2006, a mystery woman claimed to have found Simmons’ lost BlackBerry during Fashion Week. According to her, after a little phone investigation, she found that Simmons had been text-sexing some dude. Later on, Caushun “The Gay Rapper” (from Baby Phat and Hot-97-circa-Star-and-Buc Wild fame) tried to expose Simmons’ secret sexuality. During an interview with the Dallas Voice, Simmons responded to the allegation: “Well, being told that I’m gay is nothing new.” I guess if the rumors are true, being gay is nothing new either. Zing!


Many actors and notable figures don dresses, wigs and makeup for the sake of comedy. Even Rudy Giuliani! But Tyler Perry’s alter ego Madea is only fodder for the argument that Perry himself might be found among all the oversized dresses in his closet. Until recently, almost all of Perry’s movies have been serious man-hating anthems — like a religious slant of every Lifetime movie ever made, except starring black people. It also didn’t help much that he refuses to address gay rumors in almost every interview that brings up the allegations. Doesn’t mean he’s really gay… but I’m just saying. You can’t be too mad about errant gossip then, ya know?


Apparently, ladies aren’t the only ones who have been loving cool James all these years — that is, if all the rumors are true. Crazy thing is, this is one of those rumors that everyone knows about, but no one knows where it actually started. You’d think this would make it less of a big deal, but all the dude does is talk about how gay he isn’t in all of his interviews, including this one on the Greg Street show:

I’m sayin tho’, LL, maybe if you quit harping on and on about it, people would just let it die. You know. If it isn’t true, like you say. He’s still pretty hot though, so, whatever.

6. NE-YO

Okay, while I’ll admit that one of our publications totally added to the Ne-Yo gay rumors, I’d just like to state for the record that that lip gloss/backbend/kissy face combo was ALL him. Hey man, maybe it IS the lip gloss. Maybe it’s his style. Maybe it’s because he sometimes likes to buy women’s shoes (for women - don’t get ahead of yourselves, readers). Or maybe he hooked up with a dude and that guy told some guy who told someone else and the whole thing just blew up. But what isn’t true is the rumor that he came out to Essence Magazine. So at least one of those stories is debunked. Hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?


Being a male model is like having an automatic in to the gay rumor mill, but it’s when you’re spotted in a gay strip club that eyebrows really start to be raised. Wendy Williams, forever conducting the juiciest of gossip trains, even tried to out him on the radio. Our dude stayed cool, though, and instructed her to “go shave [her] beard.” He’s also not ashamed to say that he loves and appreciates his gay fans, because they contribute to him bringing in the big bucks, and who can really hate on that? So even though Beckford is known around town as an infamously steady chick-banger-outter, he may or may not be catching some dingleberries on the side. And that’s fine with us, because on a more serious note, who wouldn’t hook up with Tyson Beckford? He may as well just be bi- and spread that sexy around, long as the rumors exist anyway. Amen.


Yo. Don’t kill the messenger. But it’s pretty old news (in Dirtygossiprumorville) that Method Man and Redman are secretly lovers. Almost every female hip-hop fan in America refuses to believe it’s true, because almost every female hip-hop fan in America seems to believe that they will one day have the chance to do Meth (pun intended) before they die. They’re constantly on Wendy Williams’ annual bi/gay list on her radio show, as anyone who regularly listens to her show would know, they may or may not be one of the blind items mentioned in her new tell-all book. Many are speculating that they’re one of the aliased characters in Terrence Dean’s new outing novel, Hiding in Hip Hop: Confessions of a Down-Low Brother in the Entertainment Industry. I just hope no one’s pulling a Clinton-Lewinsky with all those blunts they smoke.


Now, this is another one of those situations where being around really gay stuff only adds fuel to a big gay fire. When John Legend broke out, some speculated that he was gay, but there wasn’t much foundation under it. Sometimes people just like pointing a finger to waste time. However, when you’re always taking a moment during interviews to tell people you’re unphased by all the gay rumors being spread, and then you’re taking pictures with a gay porn star that happened to be attending an event by a company called Rockhard Productions, I mean, hey. It might be tough to shake that one off. Until you get a totally obvious boner during one of your shows:

So maybe he’s bi-? Eh?


Many like to say that Rhymes is Bussa Bussin’ all over dudes in his spare time. Some even say that his main squeeze is his longtime hypeman Spliff Star. However, the latest in Rhymes’ gay gossip comes yet again from Terrence Dean’s book, excerpted on Necole Bitchie, where z-list celeb Deelishis tells Dean that she dated a rapper. Dean proceeds to inform her that it might not be the woman attached to that big butt that made him hit it. If you really wanna take it there, you could say that the alleged attack on a gay fan and his subsequent homophobic remarks were a way to quell all the gay rumors that have been circulating about him over the years. But then you’d have to get on the asses (again, no pun intended) of all the other rappers who bash gays but are allegedly “on the DL.” So let’s not get too petty here.

27 October 2008


So I'm not really in a blog post mood right now. It's raining...just convinced my brother to detail my whip today after months of begging and BOOM....it rains. News says 30% chance and VERY SLIM CHANCE..and yep yep..cats and freaking dogs. Anywho, I'm doing my usual email checks, site checks, etc...and I come across The Urban Daily blog on Black Planet...and they have a Top 10 Celebs Believed to Be Gay. I am very much NOT surprised by the list because I've heard or suspected most of them myself...but anywayz....just for your viewing pleasure...go check it out:

The Urban Daily Blog <--- should open in a new window

Let me know what ya think.....

23 October 2008

Much Needed Day Off...

Man, a sista been stressed out. Between the crazy ups and downs of my normal life....the hustle/bustle/insanity @ work.....the insane things going on in the world....I have been in DIRE need of a vacation or at least a day off. I haven't had a true VACATION in years. To take more then 2 days off in a row....I don't know what that's like. I really would love to get away for a week...to clear my head..but I know the sad reality of doing that....10x more stress and drama will be awaiting my return. *sigh* What's a girl to do?? Take a day here and a day there to keep my sanity and that's just what I do. It's only 2 months basically left in the year and I have 80+ vacation hours still to use. 40 of which (hopefully) I will just carryover and use at the beginning of next year. I just might need it after the bday shin-dig (which is still in the beginning planning stages).

I truly don't have much to talk about right now. I'm just relaxing!! Been up since like 6 a.m. which is typical. Can't sleep past like 8 to save my life. When time goes back it's no doubt that I will be up at like 4 and 5 on the daily. Crazy thing is, I have way more energy when I wake up early than if I were to truly get like 7 or 8 hours of sleep.

Well that about does it for now....gonna go start my semi-productive day of taking Jigga to the vet, getting my wig smoked, and then watching the BET Awards tonight @ 8! Until next time boys and girls....

Oh yea, and on Tuesday my refund from the previous post (Method Man tix) posted back to my credit card. Happy and upset...all at the same time. LOL

Update: I'm a lil pissed that Katt didn't host the awards....who wanna see TPain!?!?

16 October 2008

Bring the Pain

I'm soooo distraught right about now. I should be amped and anxious. But nope....because on a whim I went to check to see if the Method Man show was sold out that I was supposed to attend on Sat. night...and instead of being greeted with a big banner that says SOLD OUT...I see this: THIS SHOW HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO DECEMBER. PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR INFORMATION REGARDING THE NEW DATE. Man..this has thrown my weekend all off. Then, I am extra mad because I have HEARD nothing about this from any other source. I accidentally and on my own accord went to the venues website and saw this info. So I go to the online ticket site they use and of course, they say nothing. Their policy is to email you at the email you used for your ticket purchase with updated information. If it is canceled they will basically email you and let you know that your refund is on the way. If it is postponed, they will email you with refund instructions as well as a date. I email both the venue AND the ticketing site. Venue emails me back and they claim the ticket company only emails if it is totally canceled and that is why I didn't get any information. OKAY...somebody needs to get their story straight. *rolls eyes* Well mind you, I bought my tickets 2 months ago. In order to get my refund they need my name and confirmation #. Guess what??!?!? I have my tickets with my name all over them and ticket #s...but confirmation #....UHHH Let me roll over to my gmail account. SO yeaaaaaa, I accidentally TRASHED that email and guess what....since mail older than 30 days gets deleted...that's gone. *GASP* I go to Meth's Myspace and sure enough...Richmond's Sat show and Baltimore's Sunday show have "Will be rescheduled". :-( I look at December and there are all these dates already and I'm like..okay yea, it won't be a Sat when they reschedule it and it's not gonna be the same going on a weekday. So yep...I'll get the refund. If by some weird chance I decide to go whenever it is...I'll just cop 2 more tickets. But how am I gonna get my freaking REFUND!?!?!?!

I call the ticket place and I'm like "Yes, I have a dilemma..my show was canceled...the venue said the only way to refund my tix is if I have my confirmation # from you guys...what can I give you so that you can give ME that info"...the nice young chick on the phone said she only needed to know the venue, artist, date, and my credit card #...and in like 2mins the original email was RESENT to me. I emailed the guy (who is now on a first name basis with me) and give him my info and my refund is on its way to my card. I'm so not surprised..this is how that Miss Toya Luck works. :-(

Oh yea..the reason is..Red and Meth are working on the new album that will be released in Dec. Supposedly they are canceling all the East Coast dates to work on the album.

Now..what will I get into this Saturday!?!?!

09 October 2008

Random Nonsense

I haven't posted in a few days. innocent smileys Lord knows I have so much that I COULD talk about, but I won't. I'd rather forget the past few days and the way I've felt. Angry, loved, upset, tired, nauseated, smart, punished, special.....yea a serious variety. But enough about this crazy week. So what do I randomly want to speak on!?!?!?

  • So Hoopz won on I Love Money. I KNEW IT!!!! That show was pretty stupid...but I have fallen into the grasp of Reality TV and I can not escape. unhappy smileys It's funny to me. Damn right hilarious. I couldn't do it. Put all my business on tv...and I definitely won't let producers and editors have me looking some sort of way for "ratings" by cutting and pasting and chopping up reality. No way. It's fun to watch but definitely not something I would do.

  • I've been enjoying my laptop. Shout out to 106.5 the Beat for choosing me as the winner. animated smileys I have put the other laptop up on the shelf and haven't been on it since the new 'baby' arrived at the crib. I haven't quite decided if I'm gonna hold on to her or sell her. I still gotta think on it.

  • Been considering getting another dog. unhappy smileys At times it seems like a great idea because Jigga needs a playmate. (thought: Have I ever even blogged about Jigga?) Then I think NEGATIVE because he doesn't like other dogs. I'd end up with 2 crazy dogs who pay no attention to one another...yea we'll hold off on a 2nd dog I believe. LOL

  • I haven't been out in forever. I'm supposed to go out Saturday to celebrate a co-worker's bday. I've known since Tues that I probably won't be going. I can judge my upcoming weekend early. I was so busy last weekend and then my week has been SOOOO hectic. I wanna just chill out this weekend. So that's exactly what I'm gonna do. CHILL!!! It's sad though, because I even made the invites and everything. Ahhh well, people always canceling on me. Time for tables to turn for ONCE!!

  • I'm not feeling setting the clocks back on Nov 2nd. I HATE THIS TIME OF YEAR! I already don't sleep much...now the clocks are going back, which means instead of getting up at 4 and 5 AM when I do not NEED to be awake that early, I'll be waking up at like 3 or 4 ..ARRRGGGGHHHHH! indifferent smileys

  • I have 3 months and 3 days until my birthday. The big 3-0. Gotta do it big. Just hate that my b-day is in the winter time. Weather in V-A is so unpredictable at time. Kinda hard to plan. I have a few ideas being thrown around. Think it's gonna be a 2 part celebration. One for the ELITE friends that would include going out of town and possibly out of the state. Then another weekend event for any and all others who would like to partake in the festivities. I have to get more suggestions/ideas and then I'll see.

  • Oh yea...and only 9 days til the "Still High" show. I already got my moral support lined up. It's crazy how much I love Method Man. Seriously...its insane. I've met quite a few celebs. When I worked at Peaches (music store)..it was nothing to have in store visits (random) or get opportunities to meet people. Nobody else has caused me to lose composure....METH....he, however, does. LOL Wu concert of '99 almost took me out. I totally freaked out. I'm ready though. I CAN hold it together. (I hope!)