12 June 2011

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

I write to you today to let you know that although you are welcome on your PLANNED arrival date of the 21st of this month, it appears you are being very impatient and have already sent some of your "luggage" ahead of time. Your sun, heat, and storms have been creating quite a stir for a few weeks now. Although I love the time of year in which you make your way into town, sometimes the things you bring with you are not as welcomed. I am not sure where you are right now because I would gladly send you your "luggage" back and maybe you could pack a new set of things to bring along with you. Please don't take any of this the wrong way! I don't want any trouble when you do get here! I know how it is to want to go somewhere and being impatient, but we are trying to enjoy Spring right now. We haven't seen much of "her" in the last few years because you have rained on her parade and decided to hit the area sooner than you were scheduled to. Please be patient and KIND. It's only fair. Trust me, I love seeing you way more than your cousin Winter. The snow, sleet, and ice she brings is the absolute worst. I know you can agree since you 2 do NOT get along and are never seen together. They say opposites attract but I guess not in the case of you two. But anyway, I'll see you on the 21st of June. And not a day sooner.....RIGHT!?!?

P.S. Could you bring me a vacation also?? Thanks in advance!

05 June 2011

Move....Get Out The Way

You ever feel like the world and everything and everybody else around you are moving but you aren't!?!? Like everyone else is making progress in life but you are just at a standstill. That's where I am right now. Like even with all the changes I've dealt with and experienced in a matter of a few months, nothing really is different. Same ol NOTHINGNESS! Not even sure if this is the best way to describe it. Not one to knock anybody elses hustle or movement, I say if you can move...MOVE. I'm just impatiently awaiting my turn I guess you could say. Maybe it's just me. The opportunities that seem to present themselves to me tend to be those of which I don't want to partake in or deal with. Most are those in which I have faced before and I don't see how going down that road again will lead to anything GOOD if it didn't the first time. Could this be what's halting my movement? Maybe....I could very well be the anchor that's keeping me in one spot. A spot I no longer desire to be at. I'm ready to MOVE!!! The song says..."move if you wanna...."...well I want to! Just wondering who's going to move with me!