08 August 2010

A Quickie.....

I haven't posted an entry in a minute. So I figured I'd take a few minutes to talk about what's going on:

Health - been doing pretty good *knock on wood*. Had joined one local gym but then realized that it wasn't cost friendly for me because I wasn't utilizing all it offered. I went for a month and then canceled. No worries...I joined another at the end of June and am on my way to getting where I want to be. Personal trainer assistance and all.

Career - right now this area is a grey one. I have a few decisions I need to make and while I'm in the process of checking up on leads and options, I won't really go into detail. I do, however, feel as if a change is about to come. God willing all things will fall into place as they need to.

Life (in general) - things have been looking UP. Maybe it's my new positive vibe and attitude I have been keeping. I haven't really been stressing over things that I normally would've in the past. Trying to change things up in hopes that outcomes will change. Of course, with new found happiness and optimism comes the DEVIL trying to throw things off track. I was in a car accident on Friday while on my way to handle some important business we shall say. I was not hurt but my car was messed up pretty badly. Car can be fixed (so I hope) but it def. can be replaced and I am thankful that I was not hurt at all. Maybe my pride was and I was a bit shook up...but hey..that comes with the situation. I'm not going to look at that incident as a sign that the business I was going to handle was a bad idea or that it's not the right move to make. Maybe ol' "Lucifer" was trying to block a blessing!?!?! Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective.

Love - let's just say that I think I am on the right track this time. Some people from the outside looking in see things as "moving quickly"...hmm not really. When it's been 5 months since your last involvement (technically)...but longer for your heart...then it's not moving too fast. (No shade...just speaking from personal thoughts and feelings). There's no time on LOVE or feelings. Especially when this "new" person (or guy in my case) isn't someone "new". We have a veryyyy long history that just never involved dating. We've been friends for over a decade, something I can't say has been the case EVER in the past. Friends First! That's what "they" always say is the best way to start a relationship. I'm hopeful. I've seen changes in myself because of him. > This could be the start of alot of much needed changes for me. Love, Location, and Life. This is an area that is definitely under the radar and it's playing a major role in all that's going on with me. SN: I have been smiling and more happy than I've been in YEARS. That speaks volumes.

Social Life - I've been doing good with getting out and doing things. Spending time with family and friends. Traveling and getting out of Richmond and even V-A(woohoo!!!). Something that has been LONG overdue. Hopefully I will continue this trend of just going out and having fun! It's what I NEED in life. Boredom brings on the pessimism...stress...depression that I have seemed to bypass and leave in the dust.

Miscellaneous - The heat has been unbearable. I prefer heat to snow though. I can't stand being trapped in the house and things being closed and all that, but this heat is crazy. It's like we jumped straight from winter to summer. I don't think we had a good 3 days between using heat and air conditioners. *SMH* Hmmm...what else is new? Nothing really. Sick of people being childish and stupid. It really works my nerves.

Well that does it for this "quickie"......I'll try to do better w/ me posts. TRY! *Smooches*