21 February 2008

2008....something's gotta give

So 2008 is starting out pretty good when it comes to drama. Bare minimum with that. HOWEVER, I been sick....like 3 times and it's not even March yet. This shit not cool. I've called out twice from work in less than a month. Again...not me. I've called out TWICE in 3 years prior to this crap. I ain't feeling this weather. 75 one day, then 2 days later we barely hitting mid 30's. It's crazy.

Besides being sick, 2008 has started with alot of the changes I said I'd make or try to make. I haven't really had much bored/downtime. But last year started out this exact same way. I had a great night out for my bday (besides the usual no shows and cancellations). I still had a ball. All those who really DOWN with me like that came through and we had a ball like always. I've actually been the movies twice. I think I went twice last year. LOL Sad right!?!? (it was more like 5 times..but still...that's not cool). Got plans to pretty much do something every weekend for the next month or so, and it feels GOOD. I decided to rearrange some thoughts and PEOPLE in my circle and it seems to be working out just fine. I'm actually driving on one of my voyages. What a shock!! All my peoples know I hate driving...but i'ma step it up and go ahead and push the whip and have a passenger for once. LOL That's gonna be one for the books. Atlantic City trip in April. Another story waiting to be told.

Still not really talking to **HIM**. I have my reasons for being short and sweet. Hmmmph

On another more serious note, I have a friend that has been lying to me about something VERY important for like 7 years now. This subject has come up in conversation SOOOOOOOOO many times, and I always get the same answer or same kinda answer. No matter how you look at it, the answers I get...are and were lies. The first time it came up, I blew up and was like okay I gotta walk out of this 'friendship' cause why would you keep this on the hush?!?!?! I'm always honest and open about my life and happenings, so why would you not reciprocate and give me the same courtesy. I have very few people I consider FRIENDS and this person is definitely TOP 5. So anyways, recently, me being the investigator that I am dig some digging and lo and behold, what I thought to be...really is/was. Have I mentioned to this person that I know the truth....NO. Am I going to....in due time. Right now, I am just waiting on the right time to bring it up. When is the right time though? In talking to a male friend of mine (who is NOT TOP 5..lol), he's like if it doesn't matter and won't change you being friends with this person, then why bring it up?!?!?! Why, because of the principal of the whole thing. Hidden truths are very close to lies when it comes to certain things. And as I told this friend from day one, no matter what, I will always consider you one of my best friends. Unless you do some shiesty ish TO me or mine....then it's whatever. This person has been there for me when nobody else was or could be. I'm not a very open person when it comes to things that I am going through, but I've always been able to rely on this individual at the lowest of times. I have always been honest about things, even when it probably didn't seem appropriate or right. So why be honest with me and tell me all other things and leave out this one MAJOR important thing!?!? When I've said to you, now is the time to be up front about any and everything.....it is what it is...just let me know. NOPE..same ol sob story. So okay....I give the benefit of the doubt...EVERYTIME because I know other people can stretch and exaggerate things and twist up information to make them win or look good. But nope..the proof is in the pudding.....and I'm just like wow! Why do people lie about stuff that they don't have to lie about?? Why lie when either way the cookie crumbles, it's all gravy??? I don't understand and I probably never will....but eventually I'll get sick of holding my newly acquired knowlege in and will let this person know that I've known for a few months now, that I know the REAL deal and it hurts to know that they couldn't be true enough to our relationship/friendship to just admit to it.

Oh well...I feel like crap..so enough blabbing for today. Time to lay back and wait on this stupid azz bad weather to creep up. It can be bad like that fa real...and I'll be at the house tomorrow. I have to prepare for my card party which is on Sat anywayz!!

Until next time...I'm out...Phukkkkaaazzz!!!