07 September 2015

My how time flies. I haven't blogged since February! Sheesh. I know, I know...I have to do better. LOL What can I say, life gets in the way and even though writing is an outlet sometimes I just don't even feel like doing that. In a nutshell, life has been good for the most part. Of course there will always be some downs to go along with the ups. For a minute there, my mentals were full of DOWNS. I faked it like I do so well (or so I think). Nothing worse than feeling low and down and really not knowing the root of the problem. Being a funk is not healthy and it outright sucks. It's the product of holding your thoughts and feelings in for far too long and then just being on overload. I'm still a work in progress. I should take my own advice but let's face it...most of us don't do that. *sigh*

Since I last wrote, I finally took a REAL vacation for the first time since 1997. Sad right!?!? By real vacation I mean leaving the city/state for a WEEK. Not a weekend trip...not a visit to family...a REAL VACATION to escape it all and I must say it was much needed and totally helped. Now I have travel fever. I still haven't been anywhere else since but plans are definitely being made. All of that will come to a halt in a couple of weeks since I WON A TRIP TO VEGAS!!! Woot Woot!!! And the sad part is I almost deleted the winning email because I thought that it was spam. I mean, we know how spam is. SMH The internet is insane with SPAM!

I'm still making this "side cash" (see list in previous entry). InstaGC is still my #1 but I think since I created that list below I have added a few more cash cows and I will share the links in a follow up blog entry. I'm still getting freebies galore and pissing off my mailman and still entering contests. I won another fair and square for a hoverboard and apparently the guys running it just wanted to drive traffic to their You Tube video because I have heard nothing and the live leaderboard is still accessible and yea...umm your girl had a score 8x higher than the person who came in 2nd. I won honestly. No cheating. I shared my link like a rapper handed out his mixtape...and nothing. I'm not happy and am trying to best to FIND these individuals.

Anyway.....just a quick check in blog post. I'll be back with those links and more random babbles. For now....I'll just post my newest venture. Selling Spirit Lockets. What are Spirit Lockets...they are cute and wonderful ways to show your spirit and pride and love. You can get a necklace, a bracelet, a chain, and even a work lanyard. They make awesome gifts!!! Check out my site and get your very own Spirit Locket.

Uniique Designz Spirit Lockets

Until next time......