18 September 2011

Dust settles.....You Shouldn't!

This quote sums up a lot! For one...it basically says to DO YOU! Don't do things for the reaction and approval of others. It's all about YOU! Also...it says do what makes you happy. Trust me, in the long run...settling will NOT....and I repeat...WILL NOT make you happy. It's a temporary fix for a temporary feeling/issue/problem/discomfort. Don't settle in friendships, relationships, jobs, ...NOTHING! There is something and someone out there for everyone and when it's meant to fall into place. It will. Maybe you can see it and they can't....and vice versa but your light is indeed at the end of the tunnel.

As they say, people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Best believe those who have been settled upon are there seasonally....and the reason...to teach you why you shouldn't settle. Realize your worth...stick to the plan. You know what you deserve and that's exactly what you should strive for. In fact....strive for BETTER than what you deserve. That is just the beginning. The bare minimum. It's a small world but it's plenty out there.....you just have to get out there....open your eyes and see that it's more than just this or that. Then open your heart, arms, and mind to receive said things. What's meant for you..is for you!!

03 September 2011

Online Foolishness

Okay...let me just jump right in on this one.  It's bad enough that you have to deal with spam, phishing, viruses and the like when you get on the internet. Some of which...I still just don't get it.  I'm pretty internet and computer savvy...it's one thing to want to try to STEAL info so that you can get credit card #s and what not to try and gain something....but to just pass out viruses that only mess up others (strangers) computers with nothing but gratification that you succeeded.....pretty lame to me!  You also have people who grow an "extra set" because they are behind computers.   Being super bold...posting this and that but knowing good and well that if they were REALLY facing whomever or whatever they are so called going off about....it would NOT go down like that.   The internet has given some people a false sense of reality.  They are trying to live out lives ONLINE that they can't and never have OFFLINE.   The lies and fake personas online are a trip.  Especially when you encounter it with people that you do know in real life.   You know what they do and how they get down in their day to day life and then you see them posting talking a "good game".   Using words and slang that they DO not use in true to life conversation.   I don't get it....what is there to gain by being an online fraud.  I guess it's amusing but it develops FALSE relationships...and who wants those?  DESPERATE MUCH!?!?!        

Now...the other online pet peeve I have....why is it that individuals think that everybody is online looking for love.  That EVERY site is eHarmony or Match.com!?!?   I mean I'm sure plenty of people ARE online for that reason...but some aren't.  In some instances...it happens unexpectedly.  I can vouch for that.... but I for one am not using any of these social networking sites but anything more than a cure for boredom, keeping in touch with old and current friends, games, information, and entertainment.   In some instances, I have even clearly stated that I am not LOOKING for anything.   SMH....the boldness of some people is ridiculous to me.  Did you really hit me up saying you want to get to know me so that we can be "friends with benefits"???SAY WHAT???  (True Story) I am clearly not who or what you are looking for, Boo Boo.  Take that b.s. to the left...to the left..... You get a "Hi" and then the next message is "do you think we can exchange #s"?   NO PSYCHOPATH!!!!   Should I tell you where I work, my address, my SS#, give you the hiding place to my extra set of keys, etc etc?   I mean hell...you might as well ask me for that.  You do NOT know me from a simple hi.   Clearly you are going off of looks alone....ERROR #1.   It just burns me up.    It sucks to have to  limit your online interaction because of idiots who just want to seek jumpoffs or the like.        FALL BACK a little......geez!