27 December 2008

Ready for `09

So 2008 was better than 2007 but looking forward to making 2009 MY year. A recap of my year includes a less than my standard birthday, a vacation-less summer, a bunch of disappointments from so-called friends, and LOTS OF LESSONS learned. It also including winning alot of tickets, a laptop, and a few other things. So yea, I've had a "lucky" year. I eliminated alot of stress causers and dead weight from my life this year, but I've also gained new friendships, relationships, and reconnected with fam I haven't really had contact with in a longgggggggg time. So I'd say this year was so-so. It began with me being in a cast up to my elbow from a wrist surgery and has ended with that same wrist causing just as much pain as it was in after the surgery. Go FIGURE!!! I was sick alot in January...a rare thing for me....and I was just recently sick as a dog. My year is ending like it began it seems!!

So what am I looking forward to and/or striving for in 2009....

1) a great two day 30th Birthday celebration

2) being in DC for the Presidential Inauguration

3) going to NY to visit the other fam I have up there

4) getting out and doing more fun stuff (less clubbin' more....something else!!)

5) taking a vacation, or 2, or 3

6) settling down *gasp* ....we'll see about this one

7) reaching that 5 year mark at my job. That is an ABSOLUTE first for me... 2.5 years is usually my max @ a place of employment

8) a new whip -- this is kinda TOP priority!!

I think that's the bulk of my list...I'm sure there's more. I'll revise the list as they get accomplished....added on...or changed! :-)

24 December 2008

Happy Holidays

Not alot to say.....just hope that everyone has a happy and safe holiday!!!! :-)

17 December 2008

Laugh Break.....

So life been really hectic the last week in a half. One thing after another and I was sick of a dog on TOP of all of life's drama. It's all good though. Things are looking up and God's got my back. Anyways, thought I'd take a break from the norm and NOT get into the negative aspects of my so-called life. This clip is so simple. John Witherspoon is hilarious. I saw him over the summer and there was never a dull moment.

09 December 2008

Catching up

I haven't posted a blog in a minute. What's been up in my world? I've been fighting off a cold, sinus drama, illness for a minute. It's like it starts and I knock it away but ONLY temporarily. I am off today and instead of enjoying my time off, I am dealing with a runny nose (like a creek), sneezing, scratchy throat and some more stuff. Those who know me know that I don't really do medicine. If it's not bad enough that I go to a doctor and he/she prescribes something (which sometimes I still won't take).....then I don't worry with the drugs. I get that from my dad..the mentality that...it'll go away on its own..you THINK the medicine is what is fixing it...and usually I do heal in the same amount of time as most..this time, I've been taking meds and the crap just keeps creeping back up on me. Just enough to annoy me or make me feel "blah" but not enough to keep me down.

So I posted awhile back about the Method Man and Redman show that was postponed and the drama I went through to get my refund. I had psyched myself to realize that I would NOT be seeing my 'man' when he came because the new date was a Wednesday. One of my best friends was supposed to accompany me, but because it was a Wed. now, I knew it was very UNLIKELY she'd be able to go. But me being the lucky person that I am, I WON tickets the day of the show. I've told the story of my experience so many times, so I won't do the play by play details. I'll just say that it was great. It was my 4th time seeing Meth perform and probably one of the best. I was right up front..dead center..just like I was the first time I saw him. :-)

Christmas is almost here and I am not really feeling the holiday spirit at all. I only have like 7 people to even get gifts for this year and I pretty much know what I want to get everyone...but I have no motivation to shop or anything. I just don't get into Christmas like that anymore. I look forward to my birthday that is only a few weeks after. I have pretty much gotten all my bday plans in order. I'll be celebrating the weekend following my bday and making it a 2 part/night thing. Should be fun for all those who choose to come along for the ride (literally for some!!!) :-)

The weather sucks...in the teens one day and then tomorrow it's going to be almost 70. No wonder I am sick. *rolls eyes*