17 August 2012

No time for it....

I've come to realize that I just don't have time for alot of things. Not just the fact that my work hours are ridiculous and I'm currently doing online classes....I just lack the desire or patience to DEAL WITH alot of things. Some things I've been able to ignore at times or just take it as it is because that's what I'm "used to". Some I've never been too keen on putting up with but at some point you just have to. For example, half a$$ friends. I have no use for you in my life currently. Like seriously, if you only come around (and by this I mean reach out at all) when it's convenient only to you or beneficial to you....seriously..you can go ----> THAT WAY! I can do bad all by myself.

I also don't have time for immaturity. Never have....yea and most definitely never will. I'm grown and I can barely deal with kids doing childish things....so I most definitely will not standby and deal with an adult acting like they are toddlers. Tantrums, being needy, playing games,..... yea those type things. If this is how you roll, just steer clear of me and mine.

Stupidity in general. Yea I can't deal. Some things are just obvious. It's basically a flood outside...umbrellas everywhere...you ask is it raining? Yea that type of stupidity....expect a smart a$$ SARCASTIC response. Yea I can't expect everyone to be as intelligent as I am on certain things, but there is a certain level of KNOWLEDGE that I believe everyone should possess unless they have been deemed clinically/medically slower than others.

Games -- yea I barely play video games and board games aren't my style...so the mind games, emotional games, bullsh@t games.....nope. Not gonna be able to do it. It's alot of this going around these days. Why bother? Who benefits from this...especially when you aren't a good player of the game(s) you try and play. Keep it moving!!!

I also don't have time hearing problems over and over in which advice is requested and yet the same behavior and nonsense continue. Please save it. You must like dealing with the drama or situation otherwise you would change something. If you like it..then I love it. I'll listen but please don't expect words of comfort or "friendly advice" once we've discussed the exact same thing maybe twice. I'm done with it. Until YOU decide to change it...you are accepting things the way they are. So it is what it is.....deal with it!

I have no time for needy individuals looking for handouts but never willing to work for anything themselves. These same people are the ones who never want to help anybody else either. It's one thing to scratch my back and I scratch yours...but seriously....have you even TRIED to help yourself??? I can't do NOTHING FOR YA MAN *in my Flavor Flav voice* I have no time for clingy people..go away...don't you have some other friends or people you can harass or worry all day! Is your name Saran...as in Saran Wrap?!?! GTFOH!!!!! Like a damn gnat in the ear!!!

I have no time for copy cats. In the words of my girl Lil Kim..."get your own SH*T, why you ridin' mine?" I've always been this way..never liked people close to me to have exactly what I had. It works my nerves. Everything I get...you get. Everything I say, you say. Really!?!?! You can't like EVERYTHING I like...EVERYTHING I eat....EVERY move I make..you gotta make it to. Come on....BE YOU! God wanted it that way otherwise you would've been me!

I guess that's all I care to vent about today Blog World. Until next time......XOXOXOX "SMOOCHES"