17 December 2007

You Should've Been Yourself

This is an ORIGINAL poem written by moi. It better stay that way:

It's time to bring some attention
To an issue that I see a little too often
When individuals aren't true or real
Fake and phony til they're lying in coffins

See I've run into quite of few of you
Recently many more than I care to admit
Through long conversations filled with lies
I've had to force myself to sit

You thought you were running game
That I was stupid enough to believe
You had me under your little spell
And that from you I'd never leave

I let you keep telling those tall tales
And keep spitting out those fibs
I let you think you meant the world to me
With my goodies you had first dibs

But guess what, my friend, you got it twisted
I'm not as stupid as you may think
I've been stringing you along just as long
To see how long it would take for you to sink

It took a little longer then expected
But it happened nonetheless
When your stories got paperthin
And you couldn't pass my test

See I knew you couldn't keep up with the questions
And things just didn't add up right
If only you had stepped it up a notch
And kept all your stories tight

I wish it didn't have to come to this
And that your falsehood I didn't have to expose
But I'm getting tired of playing along in this wack game
It's getting kinda of old and everybody knows

I let you think I was falling for it
And I let you think that I was actually that weak
That you made me blush and had me open
Every time that I heard you speak

You thought I felt you were the one for me
I held my heart out to only you
That if I didn't have you in my life
I would not know what to do

Like my life was centered around you
And that you were the only ONE
That you made my life complete
And that if I had you with me, I was done

I'm sorry to have to set things straight this way
But your whole persona just wasn't legit
Yet you wonder why I never gave you my heart;
Cuz I knew you wasn't worth sh**!