25 October 2009

Google Wave

So I signed up for an invitation ages ago. Kinda forgot all about it. I think it was right after I got Google Voice, which is quite a handy tool when you want a FAKE local number to hand out. LOL Anywho, I just got my actual invite yesterday for Google Wave and signed up. I am a newbie and really have no clue, but I guess it's the newest hype since Twitter and I'll see if I like it or not. I have 17 invites left. It is still in PREVIEW phase, so even with an invite it might be a minute before you are actually granted access to sign up. If you would like to get an invite, please comment and leave me your email address.

17 October 2009

Could it be....

"It's cool, not tryin to put a rush on you
I had to let you know that I got a crush on you"

Damn..this hasn't happened to me in years!! Since my middle school days....but I think I can admit that I have crush on someone. :-X Is it still called a crush as an adult?? LOL I mean it's crazy. Sad thing is, I deny it. No real reason to hide it. I mean, it isn't a crush to be ashamed of or anything. Just....hmmm I dunno. In time, maybe I will reveal it, but for now. I'll keep it on the low low. My friends don't really suspect it, it's more so that they try to encourage a relationship between me and "HIM". I really feel like a little school girl with this one. Let's see how it all plays out. It's just alot of things that might not make it work if the issue was pressed. HMMMM

SN: I know I am sick of hearing about this freakin' balloon boy. After seeing the CNN interview and the "home film" of when the balloon took off.....I'm thinking publicity stunt/hoax. Come on now!?!?! Waste of resources and time.

03 October 2009

Laughter is the best medicine

So last night was the Rickey Smiley & Friends show that I treated a group of my friends to. I must say that I had a blast. I have thumping headache today which is just totally ignoring the drugs I have taken to send it packing. *rolls eyes* I never really take medicine, but it's hitting THAT hard that I had to do something. The show was great. I had a ball, not only were the comedians on stage funny as hell, but me and my friends are FOOLS. We are truly crazy and I loved every minute of the outting. Down to the drama in the parking deck trying to get the hell up out of there and go the hell home. That was crazy...thought we were gonna have to put the whip in park and tap on some heads. Some people just do the dumbest *ish*.

Well Round 2 begins tonight. It's one of my best friends birthday outting and we are going to see Kevin Hart and then hit up the club. We haven't hung out in a very long time and it is long overdue. I can't wait. Gonna be just like old times.

On a sadder note, there have been alot of crazy senseless murders/deaths lately. It makes me realize how I gotta definitely get out and enjoy life, as well as, the family and friends that I have in my life. These outtings couldn't have come at a better time. Things have been kind of hectic lately. Super stressful to say the least, but it all goes to the back burner and is forgotten once I am out and about enjoying good times and good laughs with the people I love and appreciate in my life. It makes me feel that much better and makes me proud of myself that I could do something for my friends that we all could enjoy.

I guess now I need to start planning what I will do for my bday in 2010...I have to start early. Gotta do it right! :-)