28 May 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

So today is Sunday...its around 2pm. Yesterday I woke up at 4:35 am. Why? I have no idea. But I stayed up an hour and a half and then laid back down for an hour. Then I was up for good. I got dressed and then headed out to a few stores. I washed up the whip and then waited on my mom to get home from work and her b/f to get here so we could had out. I went to the country to my uncles cookout. That is always crazy. All kinds of niccas (yea niccas..ghetto and tore up) showed up outta nowhere...got plates and dipped out. ?!?!?!?! Some things never change. I had a good time and had a belly full. I got back to Richmond at almost midnight. The only bad thing about it is one of my friends called right b4 I left and said she was taking her daughter to her dad and she wanted to go to the club. OMGGGG!! The one Sat night I have something to do in the longest and now I can't go. I was HEATED!!! So oh well..I missed out on clubbin'. Then on my way back I get a phone call from one of my guy friends to come over to his boys house. But I wasn't in the mood. I had been driving all day, had a stomach full, and a serious case of the 'itis'. So I just went home and never called him back. OH WELL!!!


So today. I woke up at 6:45am. Again..for NO apparent reason. I have been chillin' all day. Had a lil early morning company and then went to Wally World. Got me some groceries and some stuff for my friend's cookout that is tomorrow. My homegirl is having one today at 3 but I am not quite sure if I will be going to that or not. I don't really think I can handle 3 cookouts. You know lazy I would be next week....and full to the brim!!! I just checked the voicemail and my great uncle and his wife are having a BBQ tomorrow evening too. LAWD!!!!!


Well that's about it so far..not sure what I will be getting into tonight. One of my new buddies said its time for us to hang out....so I guess that might be my Sunday night events. I gotta call him to see what we gonna do. Not much to do around here on a Sunday.


THOUGHT: Why am I craving Slurpees® so hard? OMG I bought 2 yesterday and just had one. Now I want another one. What is really going on? I know what BETTER not be going on....  

24 May 2006

Work, Work, Work!!

Yep, a sister is still on the grind. Still working 2 jobs Mon thru Fri. Gettin' that paper. But yes, still making time for myself. I am at work now actually. Today is going pretty slow. Yesterday flew by...the entire week is flying by. Weather is lovely. I am kinda sleepy right about now. I don't know why. Probably because I slept a lil more than usual last night. I ALMOST had to wake up by the alarm...but the ol' internal alarm clock kicked in and I woke up before that ever had to happen.


Cookouts and more cookouts. I think that will be my holiday weekend. Lots of good eatin'. I can't wait. Probably head down to the country on Sat. Be with the fam. I haven't gone down there since Sept. I am so terrible. I hate going down there now since I never really HAVE to. I went up and down that road enough when I moved back home and was still working in Richmond. Killed my poor lil Honda when I first got it. I put 20,000 miles on the joint in 4 months. YES...FOUR months. Warranty was shot all to hell. But whateva, you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.


Might meet up with one of my new 'friends' or might just chill with a couple of the old ones. Gotta see what's good with them. A few of my peoples are going to Bike Week. I still haven't gone down there EVER. Something always comes up or my wack jobs won't let me off. Something of the sort.


I'm contemplating if I wanna go see Charlie Murphy this weekend. Been a minute since I hit up the Funny Bone. Time to make my presence back known in the spot. Haven't gone since my boy did his DVD live there. And being the slacker that I can be, I haven't even bought his DVD and my face is probably up on the freakin' thing. I know....I suck!


Well...until next time...... Miss Toya is signing off...(to pretend to do some work on the j-o-b).  

18 May 2006


It's been a minute so I guess it is time for me to post an entry. Life is going pretty good. Got a new whip a couple of weeks ago. I had set out to get something new before June. Was actually gonna go to NC to the place my mom had gotten her last car from because they be hookin' you up with some serious deals. But on a whim I decided to go somewhere local....and even though they were slow and the vehicle I wanted was actually in MD??!?!? I got my car (even though I set out to get an SUV...I know I know....I HAVE SEEN GAS PRICES) But that's what I wanted. Well the one I wanted like I said was way in MD..then they was tryna give me like 2006 Explorer. Im not feeling brand new cars..for one..they all look plain now. And also, you never know whats wrong with them. All I hear on the news now is recalls on a 2005 this or a 2006 that. OH no..let me go back a few years. I got a 2004. Its goodbye Fast & Furious ( I gotta say..my souped up Civic didn't really look like me..but it never gave me problems..I just got sick of buying low profile tires and they cost too much to buy so often)...and hell GROWN & SEXY!! My mom's b/f said...yea Toya's growing up..she moved past the 2 door cars and finally got something with 4 doors. Yep Yep...plus I'm like okay..I plan on having a kid in the next few years..and I learned from dealing with my niece and my car b4 the Honda...babies, car seats, and 2 door cars...NOT A GOOD THING!


Work is okay. Everytime I blow up and speak my mind....it gets alot better. They know ima serious asset to that place and they hate to see me go. So I let them know regularly (verbally and by cleaning off my desk)..that I can and will roll out if I need to or want to. Ball is always in my court.


I haven't been clubbin' like usual. Haven't been since Jan. actually. Sad, right!?!? That ain't me. I been just chillin. Went to Atlantic City a few weeks ago...and besides that I been kinda taking it easy. Chillin' with a few friends or whatever. Believe me...I do want to go clubbin' though. It's long overdue. Gettin' my dance on and trippin' out with my friends is a great way to relieve stress and take my mind off any and all drama. (DRAMA...so outdated..)


Besides that everything is going pretty good.