28 May 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

So today is Sunday...its around 2pm. Yesterday I woke up at 4:35 am. Why? I have no idea. But I stayed up an hour and a half and then laid back down for an hour. Then I was up for good. I got dressed and then headed out to a few stores. I washed up the whip and then waited on my mom to get home from work and her b/f to get here so we could had out. I went to the country to my uncles cookout. That is always crazy. All kinds of niccas (yea niccas..ghetto and tore up) showed up outta nowhere...got plates and dipped out. ?!?!?!?! Some things never change. I had a good time and had a belly full. I got back to Richmond at almost midnight. The only bad thing about it is one of my friends called right b4 I left and said she was taking her daughter to her dad and she wanted to go to the club. OMGGGG!! The one Sat night I have something to do in the longest and now I can't go. I was HEATED!!! So oh well..I missed out on clubbin'. Then on my way back I get a phone call from one of my guy friends to come over to his boys house. But I wasn't in the mood. I had been driving all day, had a stomach full, and a serious case of the 'itis'. So I just went home and never called him back. OH WELL!!!


So today. I woke up at 6:45am. Again..for NO apparent reason. I have been chillin' all day. Had a lil early morning company and then went to Wally World. Got me some groceries and some stuff for my friend's cookout that is tomorrow. My homegirl is having one today at 3 but I am not quite sure if I will be going to that or not. I don't really think I can handle 3 cookouts. You know lazy I would be next week....and full to the brim!!! I just checked the voicemail and my great uncle and his wife are having a BBQ tomorrow evening too. LAWD!!!!!


Well that's about it so far..not sure what I will be getting into tonight. One of my new buddies said its time for us to hang out....so I guess that might be my Sunday night events. I gotta call him to see what we gonna do. Not much to do around here on a Sunday.


THOUGHT: Why am I craving Slurpees® so hard? OMG I bought 2 yesterday and just had one. Now I want another one. What is really going on? I know what BETTER not be going on....  

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