01 June 2006

Short.....Fast Week

Short week...short entry. Weather is great....work is aight. Been having a ball really. Besides getting ill after eating some Mickey D's yesterday. OMG!! I already only eat their breakfast..but now I think I will have to boycott that too. It was a long 5 or 6 hrs at work after eating that biscuit.


Not sure what I am going to get into this weekend. Got this insane wedding next weekend that I am a hostess for. I am still not feeling it and I haven't even bought my dress yet. I guess that is one objective for the weekend. I been wanting to get my hair braided but it has to be a down for the wedding. OMG.....I am a hostess..NOT a bridesmaid. Who cares how I look standing at the gift table??!? lol Ima dip out super early though and go clubbin'...seriously.  

UPDATE:::::: I was semi-ill and could not make the wedding! 

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