07 June 2006

Hump Day!

Wednesday..needs to be Friday already. I am tired. Don't really know why. Even though it's Wednesday I feel like the week is dragging. Tuesday was very long. Work is insane. Full time that is. Too much unnecessary b.s. going on for me. I'm ready to be OUT!! I'm trying. God knows I am. Get a career job...that I deserve. Put my business degree to use.

Going out this weekend. FINALLY! Been almost 5 months. Can you believe it? Miss Party Animal...Club Patron has been chillin'. That's aight. Getting the crew together and gonna have a ball. Just like old times. And I can NOT wait. Get my mind off the things that are currently sitting there...nagging at me. I'm back on a 'what if' and 'should I' kick. It's all good.

I am tryna go somewhere soon...some kinda vacation. Just gotta figure out where I want to go. Something small to start will do. Heck, I'd be content with a theme park. Not that I really ride rides like that...but its not sitting at home. Which can get seriously old.

Next year is my 10 yr high school reunion. It is so hard to believe. Me and my ex best friend (yea ex best friend..we cool..but not tight like we used to be) have taken it upon ourselves to be in charge of this because those who were supposed to be in charge of it are slacking. We have pitched around a few ideas and are trying to get an early start on it. The Class of 96 got a late start and had way too much drama in their planning process and we are trying out bet to eliminate any drama that we can.

Well time to do some work.....if anything comes up that means anything or that I care to drop in and speak on, then I shall return.  

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