19 June 2006

98% Better

I have been kinda M.I.A lately. Not only due to technical issues (which are now the past due to a new computer...well nused computer that I copped)....but due to being ill for a week. I have not been this sick in forever. I had a ball the weekend of June 9th-11th. Every day was interesting and fun. Went clubbin'....had company....never a dull moment. But Monday...it all hit me like a ton of bricks. From top to bottom I was falling apart. I have just finished 1 of the 2 antibiotics I am on....and I am feeling pretty good...and I finally returned to both jobs on Friday. I wasn't my best. I stopped having to take Tylenol for pain on Saturday. *knock on wood* and now I am only dealing with intermittent pain in my right ear. Yea, ear infection in BOTH ears is part of what I was dealing with. Right side was like death to me. It still is bothering me some. I forgot to put some drops in there this morning because last night it seemed like it wanted to start back up.


So as a result of my feeling ill, I decided to stay in this past weekend. I sat in the house and didn't go outside until Sunday. It was kinda like torture because I reallyyyyy wanted to go out this weekend too. But hey, I got my priorities straight. I wasn't about to be back out and getting ill. My niece was over all weekend being her grown self...so it wasn't so bad.


This coming week I hope to get back to 100%. I want to go see "Waist Deep" maybe on Friday and then Sat. I plan on going to the Stone Soul Music and Food Festival. I want to get there when it starts around 12, but my mom wants to go also and she won't get off Saturday until 3 pm. So I'm not really sure how I'm gonna work that out. I'm gonna have to figure something out.


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