22 June 2006

It's Gettin' Hot In Here!........

This heat is no joke. Today is going to be the hottest day of the year so far. Me and heat do NOT get along at all. Sad thing is, here at work it stays about 60 degrees at my desk. When I leave work, the blazing heat inside my car feels good for about 10 mins. That's how cold I am all day. In fact, I have my heating pad at work...just to lay it in my lap all day for some warmth. As much as all this equipment blows the circuits...no need in even attempting to bring a heater up in here.


I am off tomorrow. I am so glad. I feel the need to take like a day a week. I haven't completely figured out my weekend yet. So much up in the air stuff. Then its supposed to rain/storm like every evening, so that might have some kind of effect on the evening plans.


Talked to {name removed} a little bit last night. He had kind of been m.i.a. for a minute. After like 5 years of dealing with him, I am used to that. Since he's far away, of course it gets worse. That's still my though!! Through thick and thin. Been going strong with him for so long. Gonna take alot to turn me totally against him. Believe me, there has been some instances that I came close from walking away from our friend/relation-ship. But after giving things alot of thought, something always brings me back. I still keep my guards up though....that never changes.


I have another confusing situation going on in my life.....I know I can be difficult because I don't just express or share specifics about my life to a lot of people...but I mean I've run into people way more confusing to me. I don't know what are jokes, what is serious, what is just saying something to be saying it. I'm sure some people think the same in dealing with me. But generally...even my jokes are true thoughts and/or feelings. Like everything else...ima let this situation with this person play its course. I think its gonna lead to something though. We shall see.


I am still craving Slurpees®. I haven't had one in a minute though. I have been settling for Icees..which are NOT the same at all. 

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