05 June 2008

Throwback poem I wrote

How I Feel (Part 1)

I could say "I Love You"
But that wouldn't do
Because to just say that;
It wouldn't be completely true

I value you more
Than I value my own life
And someday in the future
I hope to be your wife

I wait patiently for the day
That you and I get together
From that day I will be there
To care for you forever

Everyday it's the same dream
Of being held tightly in your arms
Because of the way you are
With all your wit and charm

When we get together
It's gonna be great, you see
Because I know God will be with us
Watching over you and me

The feelings I have for you
Boy, you couldn't possibly know
But it seems as time passes on
These feelings tend to grow

I wish I knew a way to show you
That these feelings are for real
I mean what would I lie for
Come on, you know the deal

Of course, we'd have some problems
But there'd only be a few
Because I would do my best
To only satisfy you

I've tried other relationships
But making them work was too hard
It was like starting with a full deck
And choosing all the wrong cards

With u it would be different
Because for our roles, we'll play the parts
In my new deck, you'll be my King of Spades
And me your Queen of Hearts