04 November 2015

A Product Review --- An Honest One

So everyone knows that I love to try new things. I am a FREEBIE junkie and my mailman hates me...lol But I like to be the first to try out new things and share my honest opinion from on what I think of said products. So today will be one of those days. Let me begin with saying that I received this product for FREE for my honest and unbiased review. Today's products come from Curel and it was from my Curel Influenster Voxbox. I received a 1 oz sample of their Itch Defense Body Wash. I am a fan of wonderful scents so in that area..there really is nothing to report. There really isn't a scent to the body wash. I have sensitive skin so soaps and body wash I have to be very careful what I use. This gentle cleanser was not an issue for me and my skin. It is starting to get cold outside so itchy, dry skin can be an issue. I used to body wash and everything was fine. No itching. My skin wasn't particularly dry after or anything so this is a plus. Now the other product I received was a full sized bottle of Curel Itch Defense Instant Soothing Moisuturing Spray. Now I don't know if I was just half asleep or what but at first I was confused at how to use it. The top has a "lock" and I was trying to unscrew the top and all kinds of extraness. LOL After I figured it out *slaps forehead*, I sprayed some on my leg. I am not very fond of the smell of the spray and it also comes out with way more than I think it should. It looked like a foam on my leg and required me to rub it in. If I wanted to have to rub it in, I'd just get regular lotion so to be a SPRAY it was an EPIC FAIL to me in that sense. I think of buying a spray and just spraying and go. Not the case with this. It's been about 10 minutes and my leg is still very wet in the area I sprayed and NO I didn't just spray heavy. I did a quick burst and kept the bottle moving not just a straight stream in one spot. It's not bad but I personally don't think I'd buy this spray. The body wash I may purchase if I feel I'm having very dry skin issues but the spray I don't feel it's worth the efforts I have to put in to use it.