26 December 2011

Everybody Look At Me

Where do I begin....today's post is brought to you in part by.... ATTENTION SEEKERS. I have come across TOO many examples of this in the last few days or mention of it that I just had to speak on it. Me personally, I don't like getting attention. I like to keep a low profile. I don't like getting 1000 compliments. I get my share (and although I'm working on it) I tend to find some way to downplay what is said. Them: "You are beautiful" Me: "I'm aighhttt". Don't get me wrong. My self esteem is fine. I don't think negatively of myself. I just don't think I'm above and beyond the norm. No I'm not ugly (not to me anyway, I'm sure somebody thinks so and hey...everybody is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions). But enough about me...I'm here to discuss those seeking attention. First and foremost you have those who act like they DON'T want attention but yet do things to bring it on themselves. For example, you posting half naked pics all over social networking sites but then you get mad when the type of attention you draw are sex hungry perverts who have not an inkling of respect. Well you put it all out there in your "advertisement" and now you have buyers....so what's the problem?

Then you have the 'damsel in distress' attention seekers. Always hurting something or something is always happening to them so that someone is supposed to cater to their need or want. So that someone will ask what is wrong, what happened, how did it happen. Get the f**k all the way outta here and WOMEN/MAN up....cuz indeed...males seek attention just like females. They just have different methods. They can play needy as hell too. Been there and done that. If I want a child...I'll have one...ya dig!?!?

There are also the ones who just are straight up thirsty. No shame type attention seekers. Just making yourself look desperate. Really!?!? Is it that serious? Please hit up your nears Walmart, Sams Club, BJs, Costco, Kmart...somewhere..they selling Powerade, Gatorade, and Water by the huge case. Why you running behind someone who doesn't want to be caught? Trust the attention you going to get in this situation will be very temporary. If you looking for something solid and with longevity..this is NOT the way to approach it. I saw this quote a few weeks ago..."If you treat a man like a celebrity he'll treat you like a fan. " This couldn't be anymore true. Yet you see it all the time.

I don't know..maybe it's just me and my modest ways...but I can't stand to see people just put themselves out there and looking foolish trying to get an ounce of attention. It's crazy. I put this up there with followers. Be your own person...why you chasing a fad? Someone else's dream or life? DO YOU!!! Nobody can do YOU better than YOU. Nobody can BE you...better than YOU.

11 December 2011

Friendly Advice

"Friendly Advice"....the keyword is FRIEND. Advice - ad·vice/ədˈvīs/
Noun: Guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action, typically given by someone regarded as knowledgeable or authoritative. Some people offer advice on situations and circumstances that they have not been through or experienced. Some people like to give advice and never take the same advice and use it in their own life. Some advice is given maliciously to purposely lead to a negative outcome. None of this is really what I want to speak on. I'm talking about genuine advice from a FRIEND. Advice is not the law. A person does NOT have to do as another says or else...however what I don't get is when it's not even paid attention to. How many FRIENDS have to give you the same opinions, thoughts, concerns before you wake up and realize that there must be something to it. I've had so called friends stop talking to me...yea so called because obviously they were NOT friends because I simply gave my humble opinion on something they were doing or had done. Things that from the outside looking in just seemed shady/wrong/out of character.... and no I didn't expect these individuals just to DO what I suggested but to appreciate the fact that I came to THEM and discussed it would've made a little more sense than to "disappear"...go through with it and in 100% of the cases...pay the price that I could foresee. Trust and believe the situations that I am facing or may face that I involve my friends and their thoughts on the matter will be taken all in. Any and all thoughts will be listened to and taken for what they are worth. I can count on one hand the individuals who fall into this category, but believe me...if I keep hearing the same ultimate "advice" from all those in my inner circle....I'm paying VERY close attention because it is definitely SOMETHING in their message(s). I get to make the final decision on what path I choose to take but I am always willing to listen to the opinions of those very close to me. Who know me sometimes better than I know myself and won't let me stray from what I like and believe in. I see it all too often when it's too late to listen....when someone has convinced themselves that everybody else is wrong...people have to learn lessons the hard way...I get that...but listening to those close to you can keep away alot of stress, drama, and heartache in ALOT of cases.

03 December 2011

Tired of the Usual

As the end of 2011 approaches, I reflect on the year thus far. 2011 was VERY different from last year. New job...new faces....new place to call home....new friends....new family. Overall the year was mostly good...but it's ending with alot of "change is needed" thoughts. Along with the new aspects comes the same ol' same. Routines, promises, environments, activities.....time to say enough is enough on some of them. As easily as I get bored, I definitely get tired of the "usual" quickly. Even if it's fun..it gets old. I've realized that certain situations are just not going to change. I don't want to be STUCK in the same spot any longer. No progression....no hope for change in sight. BLAH!!! New opportunities are slowly presenting themselves in various areas. Not that I have ignored them, I've just had some doubts. I've questioned the outcome way more than I probably should. Time to stop questioning and just see what is really what. What you don't know CAN hurt you!! 2012 is the start of a NEWER, FRESHER, more GET UP AND GRAB IT me. Done waiting and hoping for others to wise up and realize what could be....time to seize the moments.

** Very wise words.....words to live by **