27 December 2008

Ready for `09

So 2008 was better than 2007 but looking forward to making 2009 MY year. A recap of my year includes a less than my standard birthday, a vacation-less summer, a bunch of disappointments from so-called friends, and LOTS OF LESSONS learned. It also including winning alot of tickets, a laptop, and a few other things. So yea, I've had a "lucky" year. I eliminated alot of stress causers and dead weight from my life this year, but I've also gained new friendships, relationships, and reconnected with fam I haven't really had contact with in a longgggggggg time. So I'd say this year was so-so. It began with me being in a cast up to my elbow from a wrist surgery and has ended with that same wrist causing just as much pain as it was in after the surgery. Go FIGURE!!! I was sick alot in January...a rare thing for me....and I was just recently sick as a dog. My year is ending like it began it seems!!

So what am I looking forward to and/or striving for in 2009....

1) a great two day 30th Birthday celebration

2) being in DC for the Presidential Inauguration

3) going to NY to visit the other fam I have up there

4) getting out and doing more fun stuff (less clubbin' more....something else!!)

5) taking a vacation, or 2, or 3

6) settling down *gasp* ....we'll see about this one

7) reaching that 5 year mark at my job. That is an ABSOLUTE first for me... 2.5 years is usually my max @ a place of employment

8) a new whip -- this is kinda TOP priority!!

I think that's the bulk of my list...I'm sure there's more. I'll revise the list as they get accomplished....added on...or changed! :-)


Chic Chocolate said...

Good luck! Many Blessing in the New Year with all of your endeavors! :-)
Chic Chocolate

Geri said...


Although I like the idea of a new whip, I think the thing I'd look most forward to is Obama's inauguration. That is going to be one momentous occasion.