09 October 2008

Random Nonsense

I haven't posted in a few days. innocent smileys Lord knows I have so much that I COULD talk about, but I won't. I'd rather forget the past few days and the way I've felt. Angry, loved, upset, tired, nauseated, smart, punished, special.....yea a serious variety. But enough about this crazy week. So what do I randomly want to speak on!?!?!?

  • So Hoopz won on I Love Money. I KNEW IT!!!! That show was pretty stupid...but I have fallen into the grasp of Reality TV and I can not escape. unhappy smileys It's funny to me. Damn right hilarious. I couldn't do it. Put all my business on tv...and I definitely won't let producers and editors have me looking some sort of way for "ratings" by cutting and pasting and chopping up reality. No way. It's fun to watch but definitely not something I would do.

  • I've been enjoying my laptop. Shout out to 106.5 the Beat for choosing me as the winner. animated smileys I have put the other laptop up on the shelf and haven't been on it since the new 'baby' arrived at the crib. I haven't quite decided if I'm gonna hold on to her or sell her. I still gotta think on it.

  • Been considering getting another dog. unhappy smileys At times it seems like a great idea because Jigga needs a playmate. (thought: Have I ever even blogged about Jigga?) Then I think NEGATIVE because he doesn't like other dogs. I'd end up with 2 crazy dogs who pay no attention to one another...yea we'll hold off on a 2nd dog I believe. LOL

  • I haven't been out in forever. I'm supposed to go out Saturday to celebrate a co-worker's bday. I've known since Tues that I probably won't be going. I can judge my upcoming weekend early. I was so busy last weekend and then my week has been SOOOO hectic. I wanna just chill out this weekend. So that's exactly what I'm gonna do. CHILL!!! It's sad though, because I even made the invites and everything. Ahhh well, people always canceling on me. Time for tables to turn for ONCE!!

  • I'm not feeling setting the clocks back on Nov 2nd. I HATE THIS TIME OF YEAR! I already don't sleep much...now the clocks are going back, which means instead of getting up at 4 and 5 AM when I do not NEED to be awake that early, I'll be waking up at like 3 or 4 ..ARRRGGGGHHHHH! indifferent smileys

  • I have 3 months and 3 days until my birthday. The big 3-0. Gotta do it big. Just hate that my b-day is in the winter time. Weather in V-A is so unpredictable at time. Kinda hard to plan. I have a few ideas being thrown around. Think it's gonna be a 2 part celebration. One for the ELITE friends that would include going out of town and possibly out of the state. Then another weekend event for any and all others who would like to partake in the festivities. I have to get more suggestions/ideas and then I'll see.

  • Oh yea...and only 9 days til the "Still High" show. I already got my moral support lined up. It's crazy how much I love Method Man. Seriously...its insane. I've met quite a few celebs. When I worked at Peaches (music store)..it was nothing to have in store visits (random) or get opportunities to meet people. Nobody else has caused me to lose composure....METH....he, however, does. LOL Wu concert of '99 almost took me out. I totally freaked out. I'm ready though. I CAN hold it together. (I hope!)


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u still a youngin with a great smile so u won a laprtop dang and congrats and cut the tv off jones

Eb the Celeb said...

you gotta start planning the big shindig now... 3-0 is a big one... so what are you going to do?

and how did you win a computer from the radio station... i worked at a radio station and that mess is so ridiculously random... I have never won anything from one.

I dont even try anymore...

Andre said...

-2 dogs=take over your life...one is enough unless you live on like a farm, then "never too much"

-I almost fell into that VH1 reality trap, but I've since weened myself off of it...the only show I religiously watch now is heroes!
-I don't think there is anybody who doesn't like meth and red! I KNOW that show is gonna be off the yazabah!

Miss Toya said...

Yea 2 bad it got canceled. :-(