16 October 2008

Bring the Pain

I'm soooo distraught right about now. I should be amped and anxious. But nope....because on a whim I went to check to see if the Method Man show was sold out that I was supposed to attend on Sat. night...and instead of being greeted with a big banner that says SOLD OUT...I see this: THIS SHOW HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO DECEMBER. PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR INFORMATION REGARDING THE NEW DATE. Man..this has thrown my weekend all off. Then, I am extra mad because I have HEARD nothing about this from any other source. I accidentally and on my own accord went to the venues website and saw this info. So I go to the online ticket site they use and of course, they say nothing. Their policy is to email you at the email you used for your ticket purchase with updated information. If it is canceled they will basically email you and let you know that your refund is on the way. If it is postponed, they will email you with refund instructions as well as a date. I email both the venue AND the ticketing site. Venue emails me back and they claim the ticket company only emails if it is totally canceled and that is why I didn't get any information. OKAY...somebody needs to get their story straight. *rolls eyes* Well mind you, I bought my tickets 2 months ago. In order to get my refund they need my name and confirmation #. Guess what??!?!? I have my tickets with my name all over them and ticket #s...but confirmation #....UHHH Let me roll over to my gmail account. SO yeaaaaaa, I accidentally TRASHED that email and guess what....since mail older than 30 days gets deleted...that's gone. *GASP* I go to Meth's Myspace and sure enough...Richmond's Sat show and Baltimore's Sunday show have "Will be rescheduled". :-( I look at December and there are all these dates already and I'm like..okay yea, it won't be a Sat when they reschedule it and it's not gonna be the same going on a weekday. So yep...I'll get the refund. If by some weird chance I decide to go whenever it is...I'll just cop 2 more tickets. But how am I gonna get my freaking REFUND!?!?!?!

I call the ticket place and I'm like "Yes, I have a dilemma..my show was canceled...the venue said the only way to refund my tix is if I have my confirmation # from you guys...what can I give you so that you can give ME that info"...the nice young chick on the phone said she only needed to know the venue, artist, date, and my credit card #...and in like 2mins the original email was RESENT to me. I emailed the guy (who is now on a first name basis with me) and give him my info and my refund is on its way to my card. I'm so not surprised..this is how that Miss Toya Luck works. :-(

Oh yea..the reason is..Red and Meth are working on the new album that will be released in Dec. Supposedly they are canceling all the East Coast dates to work on the album.

Now..what will I get into this Saturday!?!?!


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

porr baby
but i can tell u will find something to do

just be safe this weekend

Craig Belcher said...

I was looking forward to that show too. Glad you finally got an answer.

Miss Toya said...

Yea, the new show is on a Wed though. Dec 3rd. :-( I'm not happy about that, but will more than likely still try to go see my man!!

Andre said...

Yeah' he's coming down here on the 25th of nov. so yeah...and for saturday, you could drive down to norfolk... I'm gonna read mediatakeout and sync the concert footage I have with the actual song for better audio quality...I might even go to Waffle house!

SjP said...

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