27 January 2008

Might as well use it

So I created this blog(spot) like ages ago, back when I was sick of Xanga and the drama over there. I never used it though. Figured I'd start now. Might as well right!!?!? It's free. It's an outlet. Right now, it's also kinda HOT on the streets. LOL So here I am. I'll find something to report on and hit this up later. :-)

Come holla! biggrin

NOTE: All posts prior to this one were made on my Xanga. They have been moved to have them all here in one location!

~* 1 luv *~

1 comment:

Caesar Cannon said...

Welcome to blogger! looking forward to reading what you have to say. peep me too.

Star (aka Pause... until I push PLAY)