25 September 2008

Don't get me wrong...I'm grateful....BUT

So I win this from an online contest through the radio station ...and ummm I'm supposed to get it within 2 or 3 weeks. Yea so that was 2.5 months ago. HA! The marketing agency that set up this promotion is apparently on something. In being in contact with a few other winners from throughout the country, I realize they have been given the same crazy run around that I have. I am ever so grateful to have won this laptop...(as if I need another of computer in my house...hmm 2 desktops running...a laptop and one other in the closet not in use). Anywho...first the chick who contacts me no longer works there...so I have a new contact person there. THEN this new lady either never returns messages or is as clueless as they come. First story I get is that it would go out in the next week. This was after say the first 3 weeks had passed. Then the story is the computers were on backorder from Dell (ummm wow..they make computers every day for customers...hmm). Story was that they would be mailed on Aug 19th at the latest and mailed DHL and tracking #s would be provided. Sept 3rd, I email the contact and guess what...she NO LONGER WORKS THERE...so here we go again with another person to communicate through. She's nicer at least, so now the story is they would be mailed out in a few days that certain colors were on backorder (apparently just the pink ones because others had received their computers already). Sooooo earlier this week, one of the other winners (she's from NC) emailed me saying that last week she spoke to the chick and she told her that Dell had cancelled the orders not yet fulfilled and that they were now going to order the same computers through Best Buy and have them shipped out. Sooo last Friday the new chick had emailed the other winner the order # from Best Buy for her computer (didn't do any good because without other information they wouldn't tell her anything). HA!! She also got an official tracking # on Friday. I hadn't heard a thing, so I email the contact and just hinted at not knowing ANYTHING at this point and she told me about the whole Best Buy ordering and that she would send my tracking # when she had it. Oddly enough, UPS called my cell phone (weird!?!?) on yesterday and just started spewing off information and a tracking # and I run frantically to get a pen and some paper. Needless to say, I wrote the # ALLLLLL WRONG. So I can't even being to track the package. Once again I have to contact this chick and ask for some more details.

NOWWWWWWWWWWWW the laptop is in route to my house. Must be signed for! Any other time UPS comes at times when someone is at my house. Not today!! So I am hoping that they don't come before 5pm when I get home. I hate having to hunt my packages down and/or going to pick them up FROM UPS.

My fingers are crossed that I get there before they do.

So yea, I am grateful and happy I won something nice...but wow...all this run around and different stories is insane. It's all good....time to see what else I can win! BWAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh).

In other news, I think some changes (for the better) are about to take place in my life. Good things come to those who wait!! Stay tuned.......

UPDATE: Yes the laptop delivery was missed by 40 mins. I was tracking it all day so I saw as soon as this "EXCEPTION" took place. Called and told them let me come pick it up at Will Call once it was back @ the home front. LOL. The guy called back and told me to come between 8 and 830. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! It's all good. I did just that. And yes.....change is on the horizon. YES SIRRRRR!!! ;-)


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

UPS i hate the ubiqitous 8 to 5
and when i miss a delivery to my store for dogs if the send it back i gotta pay extra
u write well
maybe u will read one of my books one day
hope u dont mind the drive by

Don said...

Those are alot of computers in your crib. Nothing wrong with that.

Congrats on winning the laptop and sorry to hear you've been through so much trouble concerning it, I'm sure you already realized that its worth it though. How in the world did UPS call your cell? LOL.

Miss Toya said...

Don - I am still trying to figure out how they got my cell #. They had been calling a few days, but I didn't know the # and wouldn't answer. LOL