01 July 2011

I Got An Award......

So I had been doing well on blogging and have once again gotten caught up in this thing called life and have almost gone a month without a post, however, lil miss Sauniya' felt that I deserved the Best Blog Award. Thank you!!!!! *cheesing*

Well upon winning this award I have to:

Share seven random things about myself
1.I could eat potatoes every day!
2.I have always wished I had a twin sister.
3.I'm not scared of snakes but I am scared of moths.
4.I get bored SUPER easy!
5.I would love to live on a farm.
6.I wish I was short.
7.I hate being late!!! It makes my blood boil!!! lol

Pass the award to 15 bloggers
(click on the manes)
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Answer the following questions
Favorite colour: magenta
Favorite song: All I Need ~ Mary J and Method Man
Favourite dessert: Peach Cobbler
Biggest pet peeve: LATENESS
When you are upset, you: be to myself/read
Your favorite pet: I want a monkey..but Jigga (my dog) is my fav
Black or white: Black
Biggest Fear: Being alone
Best feature: My eyes
Everyday attitude: If you keep it real with me..I'll keep it real with you!
What is perfection: Happiness
Guilty pleasure: Ice Cream....Sunflower seeds (crazy I know..not together though)


Miss Dre said...

Thank you so much for the award! I have never received a blog award before! And congrats for receiving yours!!

Ice cream and sunflower seeds sounds like a yummy combination lol. I have to have my sunflower seeds with a pepsi :)


Miss Toya said...

Haha yea I don't eat the sunflower seeds with Ice Cream....i just am forever snacking on either or late at night and shouldn't be. Pepsi and sunflower seeds...great combination!!!

DIDI said...

Congrats Dear :)

Miss Toya said...


Mahoganydymond said...

Thanks so much...

No Labels said...


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Thanks for the award!! :o)

Muze said...

aw thanks love! going to do this on shes so flyy. :-)

Rose from Rosedale said...

Congrats on your awards!! love your blog - glad I found it


Melanie! said...

hey! i answered your questions on my blog today :-) thanks for the award!