30 July 2011

To Whom It May Concern

I am still alive and kickin'. This heat is no joke. Heat indexes around 115 and 120 daily is a bit much. It's truly HELL ON EARTH right now. Life is life. Still grinding and maintaining to try and keep my head above water. Still living and learning every single day. Nothing super new and exciting to report unfortunately. Just figured I'd check in to the blog world since it had been a minute. I'll hopefully have a little more to say the next go round. Until then....peace and love my fellow bloggers, blog readers, and nosey a$$es! XOXO


BANG: FWB said...

Keep your head up and always remember life is measured on an EKG. If a person flatlines -- they're dead. So take the ups and downs of life as a sign of life & rejoice. =]

The issues & trials will always come, but we have to focus and work towards getting through.

I'm going through some things myself, but I'm always willing to pull up my sisters ;].

Keep in touch & best of wishes,

- Kimberly

DIDI said...

Sorry about the heat,Mother nature would regulate it soon :P Thanks for stopping by. We looking forward to new posts. :)

Miss Toya said...

Thanks to the both of you! I appreciate it!