27 September 2010

Which way to turn? - a mini post

Life will often times lead you to a fork in the road. I am mentally mapping out a future "fork" for which I may have to stroll upon. Do I take the familiar road or do I take the one with the bigger hills and curves that will lead me to a new destination? A destination of chances that could end my fairy tale with Happily Ever After or could it be the path of destruction -- leading to stress, drama, and more of the unknown?!?!? Looking at the decision now, I know which road I want to take. I guess time and the situation/circumstances surrounding this journey will help paint a clearer path and help lead me in the right direction.

I've never been the type of person to go with the norm. Sticking to the "same ol', same ol' " and only doing what is familiar bores me. I don't jump the gun though. I am a planner. I like to plot things out and have an agenda. I need backup plans and alternate routes whenever possible.

I do know where I want to be and I hope that where I want to be is also where I NEED to be and is where I WILL be.... and that place is WHERE MY HEART IS! ;-)

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