28 September 2010

Stuck In The Middle

It sucks being stuck in the middle of most situations. Like when you cut your hair (females) really short and you decide to let it grow back out....that middle stage is a beast. Not being quite long enough for a ponytail but too long and awkward for most styles you would like. Or sitting in the backseat of a car and being in the middle. You can't quite get yourself comfortable because you are on the "hump". You have to awkwardly place your feet, one on each side of the hump on the floor so you just can't get right to save your life. Or being the middle child. They say that's always the hardest. You are too "young" or not quite old enough to hang with the older sibling and then you get annoyed by the youngest. There's also the fact that you are no longer the baby of the family.

What about the middle stage between school and career? Fresh out of college or training and you just can't get the job you want because they all want someone with experience....but how do you ever get it if nobody wants to give you the opportunity to get the experience under your belt. The ways of the world never cease to amaze me.

Let's see...what about a journey from Point A to Point B? The long ride filled with anticipation SUCKS. All of your preparation PRE-trip from Point A to the arrival and enjoyment that is forthcoming POST-trip ...however, that ride TO Point B seems endless and seems like you will never get there.

Relationships are no different. That peculiar stage between friendship and relationship....before being totally committed....SUCKS! Well it sucks when you know what you want for the future with this person. That stage can be defined so differently for different people. The "dating" stage. Do you "date" other people during this stage? Is flirting okay? When are you crossing the line and disrespecting the other person? What expectations can you have or should you have at this point in the situation? What is okay and what is NOT okay? What is allowed and what is not allowed? Do you even have a right at this point to get mad or upset about this or that? Personally I hate this stage. It's like having a dimmer switch on the relationship and turning it high and then low...then medium...then up again. I prefer "OFF" or "ON". There's no confusion of what is what. Some people use this stage as the opportunity to "get their bid in" *side eye* Don't even try it!!! It's always somebody who seems to wait until you have a potential mate to want to creep up off the "bench" and try to get into the game!?! All this time....you didn't have the guts to speak up!?!? Really!?! Its a little too late for that. Personally I feel Unofficially Official. What does that mean? I'm not single....and I'm not taken....but my heart has a RESERVED tag on it. I'm already there......so when the question is asked....my answer is already YES!

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