27 November 2014

Oh, Influenster

Sooo...it's been awhile since I blogged.   What, you may ask, have I been up to?  Ohhhh just getting and reviewing wonderful products and samples.   How, you may ask!??!  Well I joined the lovely site Influenster (www.influenster.com)  in Dec 2011.   It's been cool so far.  Earning badges by answering questions, doing small surveys, and providing feedback from the VoxBoxes (product boxes) that I receive.  Now they even have a mobile app available for both iOS and Android.  Making activities so much more convenient.  I just downloaded my Android InfluensterApp on yesterday and jumped right into getting my badge for it.

I've received quite a few VoxBoxes. I've discovered many great products through these boxes.  I fell in love with the Luxor chocolates I received and went out and bought my own.  I've stepped outside of the box and tried various colors of nail polish that I wouldn't normally venture into because I have received them in a box or 2.  

Influenster has definitely opened my eyes to new and exciting foods, drinks, health and beauty products, and a list of other things.   I am glad that I signed up and joined the team.   If you'd like to venture into doing the same, I urge you to sign up for yourself.  You can go here to sign up!  

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