27 December 2012

2012 - My Year Review

So 2012 was definitely full of ups and downs. Can't really say that it goes down as a BAD year but I definitely wouldn't say it was good either. As always my year starts with my birthday and all the festivities surrounding it for pretty much the entire month of Jan. I had a ball with those close to me as usual. A few weeks later I spent an amazing weekend in Myrtle Beach in which the weather was shockingly AMAZING for the last week in Jan. We wore t-shirts and could even wear flip flops. That was definitely RIGHT ON TIME. A much needed getaway (although super quick) for someone who hasn't gone anywhere or done anything outside of my norm in almost 2 years. SMH Just stuck in Richmond.....which is enough to drive you insane. I was also stuck working at a place I HATED....despised...LOATHED. But somebody bigger than me KNEW it was my time to go and that year stint ended on April 24th. Even with the drama surrounding that situation...it was one of the best things to happen. I got a 2 month "mental vacation" but I was till COVERED. No worries because I knew everything would work out exactly how it was supposed to. Started my new job in June,and although the hours were crappy....I worked with them and eventually even that ended up in my favor. I'm glad to be somewhere where speaking up is rewarded and not used against you to say that you are NEGATIVE. That always kills me...don't keep asking people to speak up, give opinions, etc....then when someone does and sees HOLES in your plans and routine do you try to flip it and turn it into you not being flexible and negative. WTF? Whatever.... *brushes shoulder off* Again...I'm good. I kind of hated the last hours and the weekend days, but soon other things in my life would change where those hours didn't really make much of a difference. So it's all good. Now I have a middle of the day shift pretty much that allows me time to handle my business b4 work and some after if need be. Another downer of the year is after having no seizures at all since June 8th of 2011....Jigga (my dogchild) started having seizures once again in Sept. Thought we were totally on track, but now we are back to playing guessing games to find triggers, medicine to regulate, etc. He's now on 4 medicines a day/twice a day. Alot of drugs for his 11.5 lb self...but he's still crazy as ever. Fast forward to now as I type this....things are truly looking up. It's been a year of learning experiences. Learning who some people TRULY are and even more about myself. I've discovered that I truly have more emotion/feeling that I have previously had, but I also know that I still hold plenty of strength and power to live and let go regardless of what I feel. Some people will never get it! When do people grow up and decide that the games, the immaturity, and being a hoe is DEAD. After a certain age, it's not cute. When you are old and lonely....you can take the blame for that. Playing the field only gets you temporary fixes when you could settle/commit and have it permanently. But I guess that's too much like right. But hey...if you don't want games and players...you don't hang around the playground. I don't go LOOKING but I definitely wouldn't be there trying to find happiness. With only 4 days left in 2012, I think this was the year I needed to teach me valuable lessons. Believe me, I've paid attention. I'm going into 2013 with a whole new mindset and looking forward to a great year, surrounded by great people. No longer allowing the laziness and lack of motivation of others effect me and mine. Another thing I've done differently is do me...I don't always need someone else around to have a good time. I've gone out on a limb a few times and headed out with individuals I probably normally wouldn't and had the best times. Keeping an open mind truly does open up a whole new world of opportunity. So 2013...I'm ready for you and all that you shall bring. New life..new laughs..new LOVE :-) Let's get, get, get, it!!!!!!


DiDi said...

Phew!! That was eventful. Mind has been Good,Bad and UGLY!! but im still here. let 2013 bring it on!

Compliments Of The Season Miss Toya!

Beautiful Mystery said...

here's hoping your new year is off to a wonderful start! . . hope you enjoyed your birthday weekend, although I'm certain the celebrating isn't quite over! :)