04 November 2010


I'm trying to figure out when selfishness became so prevalent amongst people around me. I mean too many people seem to just be out for self or concerned with themselves and seem to not care about the people they CLAIM they love or call their friends. I guess their problems are bigger than everybody elses. I'm not a mind reader so I don't know unless someone speaks on matters at hand. What happened to being concerned about the people you hold dear? I guess this is something I have to add to my list of endangered traits.

When you are down and out....struggling...at a low point..or ill, you sure do find out who really cares about you and is there for you!! Thankful for the handful of individuals who are still ride or die in my book. I definitely been going through some "changes" lately. I don't really let people into my world like that. Yea I blog but I never get too deep into specifics on issues....but know that those who do get the real deal dirt of it all....you are truly someone I cherish in my life and trust (until proven that I can't). It's crazy how often times it's the people you expect the most to be there...AREN'T and those that are there you never would've expected at all. Funny how that works. This thing called life sure is a mystery!

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