21 October 2010

I love me some you

"You" have always kept the motivation to succeed within me. Never doubting that I could do anything that I put my mind to. Kept pushing and pushing even when the roads have gotten rough and tough or different obstacles have stood in the way. "You" have been strong when others around have not when life has dealt hands that weren't always so easy to play. When it seems there was nobody there to pick me up.."you" always brought the desire and strength to get back up. For this and so many other reasons....I love "you" dearly! Without "you"...I am nothing. You are my biggest fan. As long as you believe in me and God is by my side...then I know I can move forward with any and everything that I put my mind to. So yes...I have no problem saying it...admitting it...and letting those who question it.....I LOVE YOU!!!



Yes, in order to love anyone else or to receive the love of another, you must first love yourself! Despite my modest ways and thoughts....I have plenty of love for myself. If I can't love me...how can I expect anyone else to. My esteem is not high but best believe it is not low. I don't think I am better than anybody else but I do give myself props when deserved. I believe in ME and my decisions. I must say, yes...I do have some regrets in life but they were all lessons learned. Every day is a learning experience and for the school of hard knocks....which is my life...I'm at the head of the class. I am taking in all surroundings, lessons, and material as to stay on top of my game.

~~ I LOVE ME regardless of whether anyone else chooses too or not!! You can either LOVE ME or LEAVE ME ALONE!!

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