24 October 2010

Going Outside The Box

I've always been one who has gone "against the grain". Never one to try to fit in with the norm. I pride myself on being "unique". I'd rather be a Grade A version of me than a Grade whatever version of someone else. I hate followers....if it's not Twitter then you shouldn't be trying to FOLLOW anyone. Be yourself. It kills me how people go against their norm to fit in. If you can't be yourself to attract the friends or potential mates that you seek, then TRUST that it's not meant to be.

I like being different. I like to stand out in my own special ways. I don't have to act like, walk like, talk like, be like, nor do the things that my FRIENDS do. Real friends respect your differences. Yes, there are certain aspects of myself that I see in my friends that makes them my friends....and then there are things in which we vary on opinion on....music, movies, clothing, MEN, events...it's just the way of life.

A lot of my TRUE personality (likes..wants...desires) are probably a shock to people when they really begin to feel me out and get to know me. I always get the ol "you don't look the type"...whatever that means. *smh* It sometimes cracks me up when people find out things about me. lol Even more funny when assumptions are made based on very little knowledge of me. But hey, that's why people shouldn't assume anything.

Well as I get older, I find myself going outside the box more and more. I never want to limit myself and staying within a "box" definitely limits the possibilities and probably blocks out alot of opportunity. Recently, I have been learning a great deal about myself and more and more I have come to realize what I want out of life and my future. It's time to really step my game up and start really living life to the fullest. Tomorrow isn't promised and I have to make moves and do things that I haven't done in order to get things I haven't gotten. Time to go for mine....step out on faith and go for what I truly deserve and want. Time to put on my big girl shoes and walk this walk. I think I can....I think I can. I have accomplished quite a few things in 2010 that should've been done a longggg time ago, however, better late than never. Time to keep on this path and continue to make changes in myself and my actions in order to get the results that I am seeking. If you ask me.....I'm READY!! Let's go!

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