04 April 2009

Making up for lost time

So blog world, here I am again...Posting a semi-overdue post. First off...old business...Jigga's seizures got super out of control. Ended up having 4 in 4 days. His seizure meds have been upped to 1/2 a pill twice a day. This dog is truly taking me through it. Thank god I'm an animal lover. Everybody says he's getting me ready for motherhood. Lord knows, my child gonna be STRAIGHT then because this dog has a wardrobe, an insurance plan that includes dental, is on medicine that I have to base MY schedule around. It's insane. But I'm getting through it.

It's been raining alot lately. The weather is still crazy (hot/cold, rain/sun)...so making plans is not coming easy. Last weekend I did NOTHING. Lounged around the crib the whole time..even with Sunday being pretty nice. I decided to make up for it this weekend...and I have. Hung out with my brother and his g/f @ TGIFridays for a couple of hours. Man, we seen some celeb lookalikes and some mo' *ish* up in there. Then caught up with a friend...who has been M.I.A (to say the least) for the past like 6 months. Got a few things off my chest that I've been holding in (shockingly) for months. Had dinner and a movie outting. Good times like always. Today I planned to lay low all day, butttttttt now I'm going to the movies...again..LOL Then tonight...CLUB time to celebrate my homegirl's bday. This is going to be crazy. We go all out for bdays around here.

Besides my busy weekend, everything is basically the same ol same ol'. Think I'm gonna get another part time job. I do have one, but I never go. LOL They even called me Thurs to say they had a shift...mind you..I haven't worked since March of 2008. Good to have something in ya back pocket to fall back on for some extra change if/when you need to. Nothing else really new. Ready to start making these mini vacations happen. Thinking about changing my scenery on a permanent basis soon possibly. Been dealing with crazy *ish* from certain individuals. UGH! I ignore it...I just turned 30...I wasn't childish when it was excusable, and I won't stoop to those levels now as a grown up. `Nuff Said!

Oh yea...
The past vs present situation....takes on a whole new twist. The blast from the past from the previous entry has been replaced w/ another one. LOL



BT said...

always fun when skeletons seem to come outta the closet. thats practically a battling situation to deal with, but u just take 'em head on & keep it movin. anyways, hope u been doing good. hope u find time to check out my sets of venting & see how crazy my spins r

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

congrats on the part time job and glad u back

Muze said...

i like your blog name. :)

sounds like you do need a vaca. i just saw pics of richmond from a friend though, and i had no idea it was so pretty there!

Jigga is such a classic name for a dog. loves it.

thanks for visiting my blog!i will return. :)