12 April 2009

I got a headache..... THIS big..

So I have had a headache basically every single day for the past week and a half. This is crazy. I know it's partly sinuses but mostly stress. Even factors that I don't think are bothering me..I know they are. UGHHH! I'm no stranger to headaches though. I've gone to the neurologist and I've had MRI's and all that. It's a catch 22 situation for me. Tylenol works..but only for like 1 or 2 hours. Not long enough to take another dosage and this is with 8 hr Extended Tabs....Ibuprofen DEFINITELY works but because it's so hard on the stomach..my dr. suggested NOT getting in the habit of using them that much. I can't take Migraine meds...cuz I'm not allowed to have caffeine. Only me!!! If it's not one thing..it's another

One stress off of me is that I have gotten my drama filled car off my hands....and gotten a new car. That is stress relief and new stress at the same time..MORE DEBT!! WOOHOO! LOL But at least I have reliable transportation. My car decides to get stupid as SOON as my warranty ran out. OF COURSE!!!

I have slept most of the day and shockingly, I am actually sleepy now! So guess I'll turn in shortly!

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