13 October 2016


So it's no secret that I do a bunch of things to make some extra "change" when I can. I always share the wealth though (not literally) but I do share what I do. Well here are a couple of other things and my old standby to do just that. The holidays are coming and now is a good time to get started putting some cash to the side for those holiday gifts. 1) Win cash! Winners picked EVERY 3 days. 166 winners for each drawing/Every 3 days. Register online or download the app on the App Store or Itunes Store. http://wynzyn.com/ or the app is called WynZyn. Use my referral code for 5 bonus entries: DGX1 2) Get cash back on BEER, WINE, & LIQUOR both in store and at restaurant & bars. (No particular locations necessary). Just submit a picture of your receipt and have money in your PayPal within 48 hrs. Browse ➡ Buy ➡ Snap ➡ Save Download the app (Android or iOS) Use my referral code: IAKLKABO, at Bevrage.com or click the link --> BevRAGE 🍸🍷🍹🍺 = πŸ’΅πŸ’°πŸ’²

I mean, come on..money for alcohol! That is awesome right!?!? 3) And I can't forget good old InstaGC This is my biggest cash cow. Right now they have a holiday bonus going on that allows you to increase the percentage of your bonus up to 10%. So you earn a bonus on top of your normal earnings. It's really easy this year to get that %age up. Good luck winning and Happy Earning! Trust me....I use these myself so they are LEGIT!!!

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