07 August 2014

Trying to understand

People confuse me. I thought I was hard to understand (to most), but recently I've witnessed or experienced dealings with some people that I'm just like ummm okay. I get that certain people are private. I am one of them, however, when you are selective in what you want private and how things are handled is when I have to lift an eyebrow. What I mean by this is, on one hand you don't want people "worrying about you and yours" but then in other situations, you want privacy, you got secrets, and you want space. Then on the other hand you get in your feelings when individuals don't congratulate you or offer up sympathy or ask you about something that seemingly was a big secret. Someone like me, when I'm dealing with stuff and I don't mention it to YOU, then I probably feel it's none of your business. This is a sign that I don't want to talk to YOU about it or that I don't feel I want to speak to you about it (at least not right now). So if by some chance you do find out or sense it's something and I brush you off, say I'm okay, mention not wanting to talk about it right now....then that's it. Leave it be. Space...give me space. So because I'm that way, I give space to those who I know are dealing with whatever. Not going to hound and if someone around you gives the update or some kind of clarification then that's all I need. If you want ME to know whatever, then you'll come to me. Soooo you keep the *ish* to yourself and then you have an attitude when you don't get a "reaction" from me. Well, I'm still in the dark. YOU have not told me anything. I don't assume and I don't take what's blowing in the wind as the truth. So if you want reaction from me, then YOU need to be telling me what's going on. People are just mad funny to me. I stopped trying to understand folks a long time ago. Want attention but don't want attention! And well, I just don't give attention heauxs attention. It just wouldn't be right.

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