09 June 2009

The truth shall set you free

So much has gone on and is going on but I don't even wanna touch on any of it....what I'm here to speak about is one of my biggest pet peeves: LIARS/LYING . Okay, I've been told for a long time that I am MEAN or EVIL. The jist of this comes from be being brutally HONEST or blunt about facts. I am not one to sugar coat anything. WHY? Because those that I care about, I expect to be the same way with me. I'd rather you let me know what's up and RESPECT you for that, then to find out that you think, thought, or knew something differently than you put on. I respect honest opinions. I think it's my brutal honesty that keeps me closer to males than females. That's an odd logic..but it's true. WHY? Because I've had close female friends in the past that I offered up my thoughts on situations that they were involved in, things that I personally did not agree with. I didn't give ultimatums or anything like that just did the friendly thing: pulled them to the side and expressed my OPINIONS...didn't say this is what you SHOULD do or I'm out. Nope. I merely said, I don't think this is right or you may want to think about the consequences of this.....the final outcome..these SO CALLED individuals ended up on some MUTE s**t! Okay..whateva, not hurting me. I mean this is what a TRUE friend does, so apparently the level of friendship wasn't mutual. You live and you learn. I just don't get lying...yea we all probably tell a small lie here and there. I mean if you want to get out of doing something or going someplace....okay..stretch the truth. What I don't understand are the people who lie and get no type of benefit from making up the b.s. that they make up. I mean really...what is the point? I mean and what's even worse and when you find out that someone has been lying or you KNOW that what someone has told you is a lie, but the other person is not aware of the fact that you know. I'm definitely feeling some kinda way about this subject right now, due to some personal incidents in the past week or 2, but Karma is definitely a bitch and when she comes around...it is I who will have the last laugh!!!! Bwwahahahahaha!

People just really on some other *ish* these days. Between being phony and 2 faced...the lies are just out of control. To these individuals..I say "GO THAT WAY" !!!! And people wonder why I have stopped fooling with them like that. *sucks teeth* PUHLEASEEE!!! Where are the good HONEST people at? Are we a dying breed? Did truth go out the door like common sense?

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