16 June 2009

Age Ain't Nuthin' But A Number...

The hell it is. I thought when you turned 18...you GREW UP! Apparently not. I've noticed in the past few weeks how a generous amount of so-called GROWN men and women have been acting real YOUNG! People throw around words like "hatin", "Being fake", and "childish"...when it is in fact these individuals who are behaving in such a manner. It's different to hate on someone and to not agree with what they do or to give criticism. It is a difference between choosing to IGNORE individuals or their actions and "being fake". Then when you don't stoop to immature measures...it is called being "childish"....wtf? People need to take a closer look at themselves....pull a Michael Jackson and take a look at the man in the mirror. What they see staring back at them just might not be who or what they think they are? Nobody is perfect, but I'm so sick of the so-called pot calling the kettle black. When will people just learn to keep it moving! Who cares!?!? Life is too short for the petty B.S. Stop reading so much into nothing. Wow someone isn't laughing and joking with you today...does that mean they are mad at you? Nope..maybe they got alot on their mind. Maybe they don't feel well. Maybe they are unhappy or just found out something bad/upsetting. You never know...but making assumptions that are INCORRECT only make matters worse. I for one don't look into anything extra unless you go out of your way to make it extra. If there are SEVERAL factors pointing at a problem..then I will take note and KEEP IT MOVING! Unless you are CLOSE fam or a best friend...I'm not bothered by it. You'll get over it....andif not..that's on you.

I'm just saying.....grow up! You aren't in high school....or shall I say..elementary school anymore!


Max Gibson said...

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

well said

Concealed|Perplexity said...

I sooooo agree with you! We all see this type of thing happen on a day to day basis.