25 January 2009

Quick Post of Randomness

* So the birthday outtings were great. Went to see "Notorious" which was decent. It's one of those movies where it's a lot of detail in the beginning and then you realize that the movie is about to end in 20 minutes and it's nowhere near where the ending occurs (i.e. his death). I don't regret going to see it and PAYING. That is something I can't really say about too many movies I've ventured into the movie theater to see lately. The last movie I saw that I didn't regret was probably "Step Brothers", which was hilarious. After the movie, me and a few family members and friends went to eat, drink, and play pool (I just watched). Then on the 17th, the big club outting with my peoples. I had a ball. We had a lame limo driver that I care to forget...but all in all the night went farely well and I had a great time. I brought 30 in exactly the way I wanted to...amongst my closest and dearest friends/fam.

* After 2 days of not resting, I then ventured to DC for the Inauguration. It felt good being a part of history, however, our trip was one for the books. Buses arrived late...our bus got a flat tire on the way and it totally threw us off as far as time is concerned. The other 2 buses kept on trucking, and while we were in the garage getting fixed up...they arrived in DC. We were still only a small distance from Richmond. However, we did finally make it up there in about 2 hrs and 30 mins. Traffic was pretty nonexistent until we got into DC. I was wrapped up like a mummy and still froze my butt off. Took awhile to thaw out once I got back home too! :-) The trip definitely turned out to be an interesting one.

* I've stumbled upon alot of cool new blogs that I have decided to follow.

* My poor doggie has started having seizures out of nowhere. Head scan = fine, bloodwork = fine. He's had 3 in the last month and a half. The first one was almost not detected at all. The 2nd was pretty bad and lasted about 5 mins. The last one occured last Mon. and was not as bad as the 2nd and was worse than the 1st. I am hoping he doesn't have to go on seizure meds because the side effects far outweigh him having the seizures. He's rarely by himself so I guess we shall see what happens. Hopefully they go away.

* I can't wait for clocks to go up an hour. I have never liked this time. I am not a sleeper and an xtra hour is just an hour earlier that I am awake than I truly need to be.

* I am ready for spring also. I can't deal with the cold any longer.

* I have been sleeping all day and will be up allllll night! Typical Sunday for me!

* Oh yea...quick shout to my new followers.

I guess this does it for now....I really didn't have anything with substance to talk about!

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Anonymous said...

Notorious was all right...
But Puff Daddy still cashin' checks in that guys name is the real story :p

Andre said...

^Yeah puff is "takin that takin that" scraight to the bank

I've had my dog since like 2000 and I couldn't imagine seeing her suffer...here's to hoping he gets well

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i wish u were inn atlanta so u and the doggie could visit my shop

have a great weekend and chk my new post...

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great weekend.