23 November 2008

What in the World??

Yes that title is a perfect description of my mind state right now. I have situations and persons of my past that have resurfaced and it has me QUITE confused. It's like a certain time period of my life NEVER existed. Like the hands of time have been totally turned back. Some I thought I'd never hear from again for one reason or another. Some situations I thought were totally a WRAP. Yet, they have shown back up as if the disappearing acts, drama, and conclusions never took place!!?!?! So yea, What in the world!!??!

It's cold as ever here in V-A. Snow flurries already. This is crazy. Just the other week it was like 79 degrees. What in the world!??!

So this guy commits suicide on live streaming video on the site Justin.TV. People actually were hyping him up to do this. (see video below)


I don't know.... *ish* is just kinda crazy right now!

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