22 July 2007

Even the strongest person on earth has weaknesses

 Why is it that there is that one person or maybe more than one, that no matter how they have wronged you or hurt you, you still will break down and do anything for them!?!?  I am not talking about family. I mean friend or someone 'close to you'.  I personally am a pretty stern person. I can't be phony to save my life. I have little tolerance for stupid sh*t and I don't have the patience for it. However, there have been situations in the past year or so dealing with other individuals that if it were me on the outside looking in, I'd tell 'me' to forget these individuals and go on with life. Instead, for some strange reason, I still feel the same as I did from jump and would give anything to assist or help out these certain people. There is really only 2 individuals specifically that I am referring to.  I don't know what it is.  Stupidity? Love? Respect?        It's SOMETHING!!!  I just can't figure it out.   

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