13 May 2007

New Thoughts

Thought for today:   Letting go of the past, will make for a much better future.

   No more waiting around for people to grow up and come to their senses.  Waiting around for people to appreciate me and the things I've said and done for them.  My life has changed, but it's not over.   To all those who have caused me pain/hurt or THOUGHT that you did....you are forgiven but best believe those wrong doings are not forgotten.  I still know that being honest is the best way and I will continue to be honest when it counts.  Lies feed on lies...and I don't have the time or patience to keep up with lies.   I still keep other people before me....and I look out for others..even when they don't look out for me....so letting go of the past...is something I will do.    Some people will come around and others won't. To those that don't....it's been real.  You'll need me before I need you.   Best believe!!!! 

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