13 October 2013

25 Things That I Love

Yea, yea...I just can't get back on track with this blogging thing. Life's been kind of busy and some things I just choose to NOT put out there in the blogosphere. So I ran across this note that I did like 3 years ago on Facebook and figured I'd make it a blog entry. It needed some updating...so here you have it: 1. God 2. Family 3. Real Friends 4. Jigga 5. Money 6. Being Me 7. Cooking desserts 8. Being spoiled (so rare....) 9. Having a good time 10. Honesty 11. Proving people wrong 12. Mom dukes cooking 13. HIM (and he don't even know it!) :-( 14. Technology 15. Eating food (so greedy) 16. Wearing Black 17. Animals 18. Warm weather 19. Traveling but NOT driving 20. Kool Aid 21. Writing Poetry 22. Being loved by those I love 23. Music 24. Being ON TIME 25. Those who appreciate me and the things I do for them.

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