30 July 2012

I Find It Funny....

...that you do all you can for certain people. A true ride or die....pretty much available to them at any given moment 24/7. But you know who seems to reap all the good benefits...someone else. Who isn't genuine. Whose motives are something totally bogus. That's not really out for this person's own good. Of course, as they say...you don't miss your well until the water runs dry. So when YOU are no longer available is when these certain individuals realize what they had or could've had. I refuse to be that person. I do all I can for those I care about..but when it becomes an uneven situation...it's time to back away. Time to use my resources on a better investment.

I also find it funny that people (who call themselves friends mind you) always seem to find time to do stuff with others and never feed them the bulls**t stories that you always seem to get. Like I'm really not hurt by this...however do me a favor and just keep it real. I've learned to already expect you not to come through with your end of the bargain...so do us both a favor and save the lies for someone else.

Yea...quite funny that the ones who will often times help you the most when you are down are the ones you don't get alot of time with. That you'd probably least expect to reach out a hand. Through my own recent experiences..it was truly shocking to me the people that SAID they were there ...don't hesitate to ask for ANYTHING..knowing damn well I never ASK for anything..yet knowing what was what....offered nothing. Not even their time. So with that said....as they do with the weakest link....some had to be dismissed. It is what it is. My circle is becoming transparent because I have no time for part time or past time friends...what are past time friends...the ones who are only around when they have nothing to do and need some entertainment. Sorry I didn't apply for that job and don't want it. You either with me or you can do without me. I'm done obligating myself to others who clearly could care less about what is really going on with me. My life must go on and WITHOUT certain individuals. I wish them all well with their selfish motives and ways.

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